Carefree in Caramoan

Caramoan made the news recently with the ‘Survivor’ series, a popular American TV reality game show, once again being staged there.  Actually, Caramoan has been the perennial host of different ‘Survivor’ series, not just from the US but from European countries as well. Having heard much about it, the Holganza brood visited Caramoan and found a lot of interesting things to see and do.

Come on over to Caramoan! Before its virgin allure disappears forever.
Come on over to Caramoan, before its virgin allure disappears forever. (Courtesy of

Caramoan lies in the northern shores of Camarines Sur, far removed from the bustling lights of the city.  It is roughly 60 miles from the nearest city of Naga, but a large part of the journey is through rough roads. Hence, travel by boat has become the popular option for visitors. We were lucky enough to have been accommodated by the Navy, which was doing its regular patrols in the area. Because it is so secluded, Caramoan has remained wild and unexploited by commercial tourism.

Secluded, mysterious Caramoan. (Courtesy of
Secluded, mysterious Caramoan, far-away from the prying eyes of the general public. (Courtesy of

The regular lodging area of choice is the Gota Village.  This is also where the “Survivor” staff usually check in when they shoot the series.  However, there are also numerous inns and backpacker joints for those who are budget-challenged.

Gota Village as seen from above. (Courtesy of
Gota Village as seen from above. (Courtesy of

Aside from the ‘Survivor’ set which was a special treat, we went island-hopping and explored the surrounding hills and beaches.  Here we learned that there was more to Caramoan than the ‘Survivor’. There’s camping, spelunking, snorkeling, scuba-diving, rock-climbing, trekking, what-else-have-you. It was a great nature trip for us, and we all went home tanned, tired, yet full of wonderful indelible memories. Check it out.

One of the many sights still untainted in the Caramoan. (Courtesy of
One of the many sights still untainted in the Caramoan. (Courtesy of

For more on the islands, try: Caramoan Islands. You won’t regret it!!!


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      And thanks for the interest to see Caramoan. I googled ‘How to reach Caramoan’ and found lots of options from our tireless tour bloggers, but here’s one that should give you a better perspective on travelling to Caramoan: Hope that helps. But if you’re coming from the Visayas or elsewhere, do try the other blogs. 🙂



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