Myrna’s Story



  1. What a wonderfully inspiring story about Myrna and her amazing achievements.
    Sadly, the details of Myrna’s background are still all too common today, not just in the Phils but as this is a Philippines based blog let’s focus there.
    The Philippines economy has been doing well for over a decade, it is a rich country like many others in Asia and yet like those others it remains mired in endemic corruption. Resolve this issue and modern day Myrna’s would have a reasonable chance of a decent life without having to live in poverty or work overseas.
    The war on drugs is an appalling diversion from the real criminals, those greedy politicians and corrupt officials who steal and plunder the country. Duterte and his pals should be applying the same ‘war’ on all the bent judges and law enforcers, speeding up the judiciary and applying proper justice, that is the fundamental problem without which no democracy can exist. Filipino judges are by and large a complete disgrace their profession has become notorious.
    Do not be proud of having millions of OFWs, be ashamed that your finest have to leave their families because there are no jobs at home!
    One question that puzzles me is why Manny P endorsed that rat bag Binay in the last election? If the great people’s champion sides with the prime example of all that is wrong with Phils politics, what hope is there?
    Anyway, congratulations for publishing Myrna’s remarkable story.


    1. Tim, we do recognize that there remain many problems that my country needs to address. I do not wish to get into an argument with you on that. But I assure you that things are certainly starting to perk up now under the new leadership.


  2. Tito,

    Her story made me cry…. I salute her. She’s an amazing soul. Thank you for writing and sharing this. Love you!

    Jean Clutario

    On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 12:04 PM, Color My World (charly’s blog) wrote:

    > cbholganza posted: ” by: Myrna Padilla My wife, Wit, has a very good > friend, Myrna, a proud and passionate owner of a home-grown IT programming > and development center in Davao City. Hers is a very compelling > rags-to-riches life-story. Read it, and be inspired. As a youn” >

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  3. Thankyou Charly for giving me an insight into this incredible woman and her life. Sadly in so many aspects of her story, she’s not alone, and like her, we as an individual can make a difference ..Your both an insipritation to me and it’s a call to action..OFW Watch is a wonderful support network, and I’m now onboard Ingat Ka

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