My WordPress Journey

I started blogging way back in 2012 after retiring from the Army. Didn’t have much to do then, so I thought I’d go back to one of my early passions – which was sportswriting. But then, I thought I it was time to broaden my horizons, having acquired a wealth of experience in other fields. With that, my blogging hobby was born. (Please read: Happy First Anniversary, Blogger!!!)

Back in 2013, I had an article that went viral, making close to 2 million hits in a span of 10 days. It was a heady time for me, and I got remunerations amounting to more than a thousand dollars for it! Wow! One year into blogging and I was being compensated for something I enjoyed doing! Yep, a little income for some beer and popcorn. It was a great inspiration, as I watched the WordPress map of places my blog had reached slowly fill up with shaded colors. (Please read: My Five years of Blogging)

My WordPress Map

And so I started tracking the WordPress map, to know which countries my blog had been to, as well as countries it hasn’t been to yet. It was a great learning experience too, as I started to learn about a lot of countries and territories I had no inkling existed. Weird sounding names like Bouvet Island, Comoros, Kiribati, Mayotte, Pitcairn, Tokelau and Tuvalu popped out. It truly is very humbling to know that there is so much I still have to learn about our world.

Hello! I’m Buchi! My Wowit says I’m gonna be a blogger too when I grow up.

WordPress lists 251 countries and territories, although the number really varies, as people have different definitions of what really makes a country or a territory or a dependent area. Suffice it to say that I am using the WordPress list for now as reference to my blog’s global journey.

Here’s the list of countries based on the WordPress Country List, with the number of hits garnered.

Hi again! We didn’t want to bore you with too much figures, so we’re skipping some, ok?

My biggest draws were my disaster blogs, the first person accounts, the sports blogs and a little on my advocacies and travel. I’ve actually been violating one basic rule in blogging, the one about working on a specific niche market. Heck, I have a lot of different interests. And I just want to write about them. So I decided I’d do away with that and just listen to my heart. The rest is history.

What rewards did I get from this undertaking? Well, aside from the remunerations, it has opened up new opportunities for me (including trips to far-away places like Ireland, Australia, etc), it has afforded me new friends, and most important of all, it has gifted with so much learning from the experience as well. Looking at the WordPress map has been a geography lesson in itself. Thank you, WordPress, and thank you, everyone, for joining me in this wonderful journey. Thanks too to my new friend, SindrElf, for the encouragement to do this project. (Please read: 21 Countries that Have Not Showed Up in My WordPress Visitor Stats)

Below is my WordPress Country List. Countries with the X have been visited. Countries in bold have not been reached as of the present. Here’s a shout-out to all the bloggers out there: keep writing, folks, the blessings will come soon enough. God bless us all! 

Hello again, friend! Is your country listed below with an X? Could you please do my Lolo a favor?

  1. x Afghanistan                                                         
  2. x Åland Islands                                                       
  3. x Albania                                                                  
  4. x Algeria                                                                   
  5. x American Samoa                                                 
  6. x Andorra                                                                 
  7. x Angola                                                                    
  8. x Anguilla                                                                  
  9. Antarctica 
    Amazing Antartica (The Verge) – I wish I – and not just my blog – could go and experience this place myself.
  10. x Antigua & Barbuda                                               
  11. x Argentina                                                                
  12. x Armenia                                                                  
  13. x Aruba                                                                       
  14. x Austria                                                                     
  15. x Australia                                                                  
  16. x Azerbaijan                                                               
  17. x Bahamas                                                                 
  18. x Bahrain                                                                   
  19. x Bangladesh                                                            
  20. x Barbados                                                                
  21. x Belarus                                                                     
  22. x Belgium                                                                    
  23. x Belize                                                                         
  24. x Benin                                                                         
  25. x Bermuda                                                                   
  26. x Bhutan                                                                       
  27. x Bolivia                                                                        
  28. x Bosnia & Herzegovina                                             
  29. x Botswana                                                                   
  30. Bouvet Island                                                              
  31. x Brazil                                                                            
  32. x British Indian Ocean Territory                                 
  33. x British Virgin Islands                                                  
  34. x Brunei                                                                           
  35. Burkina Faso 
  36. x Bulgaria                                                               
  37. x Burundi                                                                         
  38. x Cambodia                                                                      
  39. x Cameroon                                                                     
  40. x Canada                                                                            
  41. x Cape Verde                                                                     
  42. x Caribbean Netherlands                                                
  43. x Cayman Islands                                                              
  44. Central African Republic                                              
  45. Chad                                                                                    
  46. x Chile                                                                                  
  47. x China                                                                                
  48. Christmas Island                                                              
  49. Cocos (Keeling) Islands                                                   
  50. x Colombia                                                                          
  51. Comoros                                                                             
  52. x Congo – Brazzaville                                                          
  53. x Congo – Kinshasa                                                             
  54. x Cook Islands                                                                      
  55. x Costa Rica                                                                          
  56. x Côte d’Ivoire                                                                     
  57. x Croatia                                                                               
  58. x Cuba                                                                                   
  59. x Curaçao                                                                              
  60. x Cyprus                                                                                
  61. x Czech Republic                                                                 
  62. x Denmark                                                                          
  63. x Djibouti                                                                                 
  64.  x Dominica                                                                           
  65. x Dominican Republic                                                           
  66. x Ecuador                                                                                
  67. x Egypt                                                                                     
  68. x El Salvador
  69. x Equatorial Guinea
  70. Eritrea
  71. x Estonia
  72. x Ethiopia
  73. x European Union
  74. Falkland Islands
  75. x Faroe Islands
  76. x Finland
  77. x Fiji
  78. x France
  79. French Guiana
  80. x French Polynesia
  81. French Southern Territories
  82. x Gabon
  83. x Gambia
  84. x Georgia
  85. x Germany
  86. x Ghana
  87. x Gibraltar
  88. x Greece
  89. x Greenland
  90. x Grenada
  91. x Guadeloupe
  92. x Guam
  93. x Guatemala
  94. x Guernsey
  95. x Guinea
  96. Guinea-Bissau
  97. x Guyana
  98. x Haiti
  99. Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  100. x Honduras
  101. x Hong Kong SAR China
  102. x Hungary
  103. x Iceland
  104. x India
  105. x Indonesia
  106. x Iran
  107. x Iraq
  108. x Ireland
  109. x Isle of Man
  110. x Israel
  111. x Italy
  112. x Japan
  113. x Jamaica
  114. x Jersey
  115. x Jordan
  116. x Kazakhstan
  117. x Kenya
  118. Kiribati
  119. Kosovo
  120. x Kuwait
  121. x Kyrgyzstan
  122. x Laos
  123. x Latvia
  124. x Lebanon
  125. x Lesotho
  126. x Liberia
  127. x Libya
  128. x Liechtenstein
  129. x Lithuania
  130. x Luxembourg
  131. x Macao SAR China
  132. x Macedonia
  133. x Madagascar
  134. x Malawi
  135. x Malaysia
  136. x Maldives
  137. x Mali
  138. x Malta
  139. x Marshall Islands
  140. x Martinique
  141. x Mauritania
  142. x Mauritius
  143. Mayotte
  144. x Mexico
  145. x Micronesia
  146. x Moldova
  147. x Monaco
  148. x Mongolia
  149. x Montenegro
  150. Montserrat
  151. x Morocco
  152. x Mozambique
  153. x Myanmar (Burma)
  154. x Namibia
  155. Nauru
  156. x Nepal
  157. x Netherlands
  158. x New Caledonia
  159. x New Zealand
  160. x Nicaragua
  161. Niger
  162. x Nigeria
  163. x Niue
  164. Norfolk Island
  165. North Korea
  166. x Northern Mariana Islands
  167. x Norway
  168. x Oman
  169. x Pakistan
  170. x Palau
  171. x Palestinian Territories
  172. x Panama
  173. x Papua New Guinea
  174. x Paraguay
  175. x Peru
  176. x Philippines 
  177. Pitcairn
  178. x Poland
  179. x Portugal
  180. x Puerto Rico
  181. x Qatar
  182. x Réunion
  183. x Romania
  184. x Russia
  185. x Rwanda
  186. x Samoa
  187. x San Marino
  188. São Tome & Príncipe
  189. x Saudi Arabia
  190. x Senegal
  191. x Serbia
  192. x Seychelles
  193. x Sierra Leone
  194. x Singapore
  195. x Sint Maarten
  196. x Slovakia
  197. x Slovenia
  198. x Solomon Islands
  199. x Somalia
  200. x South Africa
  201. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  202. x South Korea
  203. x South Sudan
  204. x Spain
  205. x Sri Lanka
  206. St. Barthélemy
  207. St. Helena
  208. x St. Kitts & Nevis
  209. x St. Lucia
  210. St. Martin
  211. St. Pierre & Miquelon
  212. x St. Vincent & Grenadines
  213. x Sudan
  214. x Suriname
  215. Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  216. x Swaziland
  217. x Sweden
  218. x Switzerland
  219. x Syria
  220. x Taiwan
  221. x Tanzania
  222. Tajikistan
  223. x Thailand
  224. x Timor-Leste
  225. x Togo
  226. x Tonga
  227. Tokelau
  228. x Trinidad & Tobago
  229. x Tunisia
  230. x Turkey
  231. Turkmenistan
  232. x Turks & Caicos Islands
  233. Tuvalu
  234. x Uganda
  235. x Ukraine
  236. x United Arab Emirates
  237. x United Kingdom
  238. x United States 
  239. United States Minor Outlying Islands                                                                
  240. x United States Virgin Islands
  241. x Uruguay
  242. x Uzbekistan
  243. x Vanuatu
  244. x Vatican City State
  245. x Venezuela
  246. x Vietnam
  247. Wallis & Futuna
  248. Western Sahara
  249. x Yemen
  250. x Zambia
  251. x Zimbabwe
Keep blogging, guys! Just keep on bloggizzzzz…

Here are come of the countries/territories in my list left unhit. Wish my blog gets to visit these places. (For a clearer look, just click on the pics.) 



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