Baby Buchi Learns to Rock

My grandson Buchi is growing up so fast. Only a few months back, last February to be exact, my high school classmates and I saw him in Bohol during our short tour there. Chubby, cuddly Buchi was still crawling at that time. Two weeks later, this was right before the COVID quarantine was imposed on us, Buchi flew from Bohol to Manila to celebrate his first birthday with the grandfolks. Lo and behold! He was already walking! Unsteadily though, like a Chinese drunken master in the movies.

He just learned to walk and he’s insisting to do adult chores already. Here, the li’l drunken master has his own baggage to take care of.

Their Manila trip was cut short abruptly by the growing menace of this COVID crisis. The scary nation-wide lockdown was about to be implimented, starting on the 16th of March. Hence my son, Carlo, and his wife, Freedom, decided to make a quick retreat back to Bohol. Buchi’s bday bash had to be cancelled, as the parentals bundled him off hurriedly – and oh-so-dramatically – aboard that last plane out to Bohol. It turned out to be just a quick hello-goodbye for poor Lodi (short for Lolo-Daddy, that’s me) and Wowit (short for Lola Wit, my roommate).

Now, it’s been over 4 long, lonely months since we last saw our darling Bubba. (Yup, that’s what they fondly call him now.) And he’s growing up fast and coming up with those death-defying acts minus the big audience. (That’s me again, of course. Big in size.)

Good thing we now have smart phones and computers that can bring us together virtually. At least, we’re still able to see him grow, though we don’t get to hug and kiss this adorable cutesie-patootsie. Such a pity, as he’s been regaling everyone with that naughty toothy smile, coupled with the new antics he dishes out every now and then. (Yep, he just started growing his front teeth too.)

Buchi shows us his toothy smile.

Soon as he learned to walk, he started marching around the place like he was little Hitler annexing little Europe. Curious and fearless li’l ball of energy, that’s what he is.

And he’s been learning more and more new tricks, keeping us guessing what he was coming up with next. He’s got us totally under his spell, like a li’l Merlin the Magician waving his magic wand. Yeah. This early, he’s learned how to make funny faces like it was the most natural thing to do for him.

Buchi learned to make faces early. This was way back in December. He just loves to make funny faces for us.

And he’s learning to communicate now. With a babel of words only he can decipher. Yet he expects you to understand this new Bubba language he’s created. Demanding attention, demanding clear understanding. Soon, I shudder to think, he’ll be demanding absolute obedience as well!!?!

Gotta learn this new Bubba language. Gonna be the craze in the years ahead.

Buchi’s been a great source of joy for us, especially now with me. As a senior citizen with lots of health issues, I’m constrained to stay inside the house as much as possible. I used to say that I was the slavedriver in the family; meaning, I was their slave, and I was their driver. Alas, things have turned for the worse. For now, I am simply their slave; the easier, more glamorizing driver part having been taken away from me as well. With the COVID crisis, while others have suffered significant pay cuts, it is simply my job description that has been cut in half. Woe, woe, woe is me indeed.

Buchi couldn’t stop laughing. So easy to tickle his funny bone.

So to all the slaves and home prisoners out there, here are some pics and videos of our li’l bundle of joy, Buchi. Hope it makes your day as well. Enjoy!!!

Stubborn Buchi wants to try eating on his own. Once in a while he gets frustrated, but by and large, he just wants to be left alone to wrestle with the food presented before him.
Buchi loves books. And he can now identify objects in his book.

For a closer look, just click on the pics.


        1. sabihan mo sya, gumawa na kagad ng apo para sayo. iba talaga kung apo. sa anak, kelangan disiplinahin. sa apo, hindi na kelangan. trabaho ng mga magulang ang mag-disiplina. Ang mga lolo, ang trabaho ay ang pag-spoil ng bata! haha!

          Liked by 2 people

    1. Very true, Jacqui. And I want to share with you all this wonderful blessing. During these difficult times, these are just some of the things that can put a smile in our faces. Thank you for appreciating.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, we intend to get as many pics and videos of him while he’s this young. So later we have some good memories of him at this age. So when he’s being difficult, we can show him how he was cared for and how cute and angelic he was as a baby. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

    1. He truly is. Now remember, when your kids start to have kids of their own, your job is to spoil them, hear? The parents are supposed to take charge of disciplining them, not you. 😉☺️🤭

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Butchi is so cute Sir. Regards. I suddenly remembered my 3-year-old niece whom I haven’t seen for the past weekend. You know, babies always bring us joy especially for the Lodi.😍

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Aw! Kamingaw man diay ni Buchi… away from Lodi diay… Taga bohol diay mo Sir? Have so many colleagues from Bohol too.. Hopefully you’ll get to see Baby Buchi soonest.. praying here mawala na si covid. God’s will.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. thanks, my newfound friend! yes, my grandson is so luvable. and yes, i do shudder at the thought that he will soon be entering his terrible twos phase. and he’s already a headstrong character.

      Liked by 1 person

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