Farewell To A Dear Brother

On the occasion of the first death anniversary of my elder brother, the late Ret Col Cesar Garcia, I am honoring him with this reblogged piece. Here’s to you, Noy Cesar!

Color My World

My dear brother, Cesar, passed away yesterday. He was 77. Here’s to celebrate his truly wonderful, meaningful life.

Noy Cesar

I didn’t get to say “I love you”

Didn’t have time to say goodbye

I didn’t get to say “I’m sorry”

Tho at times I know I tried.


My immaculate big brother

You taught me much of life

You showed me the way to tomorrow

But my eyes were simply blind.


The path you took was long and narrow

Twas as rocky as can be

You went back home, your flag forlorn

But you kept your dignity.


So many lessons I have learned

So grateful for these gifts

A life of plenty, with love abundant

What a wonderful legacy.


I thought I would not miss you

I thought I would not cry

Funny how these thoughts of you

Just simply will not die.

Garcia CB (PMA…

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      1. My pleasure Charly and I understand. After losing my sister a couple of months ago I find that writing is therapeutic. I did the same when my parents died years ago. Praying for your continued healing and encouragement my friend. Sometimes if feels like the best souls are taken away from us too soon. Stay well. 😍 🤗 🥰

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    1. Yes he was a proud army man. He saw action in many places in the Philippines, and also had a stint with the Philippine civic Action Group in Vietnam. More involved in Civic Action work.


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