My Main Take-aways from “The Last Dance”

‘The Last Dance’ was a gift to us, with wonderful lessons weaved into it – of sacrifice, of frustrations, of trials and triumphs, of leadership, of love, of life itself. You want to succeed in life? Be like Mike.

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How My Military Training Helped Me with The Dreaded Quarantine

The extensive military training I got from my previous life has helped me adjust to the restrictions and rules imposed without so much of a hoot. All I have to do is think of the 1-year of plebe training in the Academy and the month-long ‘confinement-to-quarters’ suddenly looks bite-size. I think of the Ranger training in Tanay, and the sparse rations and supplies look puny. I remember the taps and reveille bugle calls, and the curfew restrictions seem right out of the ordinary.

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