Wit’s Sweets & Savouries offer Experimental Granola Flavors Sprinkled with Davao-Harvested Cacao Nibs

Mother-daughter pair, Wit and Bianca Holganza, are the duo behind the production of WIT’S Sweets & Savouries, a local granola brand whose mixtures all contain cacao nibs from the Holganza’s family farm in Davao.

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My 9 Years of Blogging with WordPress

I have to say it has been a fun and enlightening experience. There’s the sense of pride for having connected with people around the world; there’s the fulfillment in knowing that your doodles are making sense to a group of people out there; and truth to tell, there is so much I have learned since I joined this lovely family of writers.

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The Tokyo Olympics and Its Valuable Lessons in Humanity

The Olympics gifted us with so many touching episodes of sportsmanship, of relationships nurtured amidst friendly strife, and above all, of our love and concern for our fellowmen. Forget the financial implications, forget achieving victory at all cost. It is in this Olympics that we are finally starting to realize its modern-day objective “to bring the athletes around the world in one place where they can spread peace and friendship with no discrimination in race and gender”.

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