Remembering the PEFTOK and the Battle of Yultong (22 – 23 April 1951)

I had the rare privilege of knowing one of the these “Fighting Filipinos” when I joined the Scout Rangers back in 1978. MSgt Vic “Fatal Blow” Galvan was then the Sgt Major of the newly-revived Scout Ranger Group (SRG). He was such a stickler for hard training, always stressing that famous line: “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”. He would regale us with stories of the big war in Korea; of the dangers, the difficulties, and the pain of losing close comrades.

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There are certainly a lot of benefits one can derive from trees. So many things the trees help us with. And so many, many things we should thank the trees for. And so, if there’s something I wish my name would be associated with, it would definitely be a big, big tree.

Donatela, A Home Away From Home

At the end of our stay in Donatela, we all felt refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world once again. Truly, it has been a soothing, calming experience for us; truly a home away from home. And I’d like to thank Acting GM Edward Sarmiento and his staff for the warm hospitality and care. It has been a great relaxing trip to cap the year 2022.

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