Celts vs Heat: Who Will the Gods Favor?

All roads lead to Boston, so it seems. But sometimes, the gods could play a joke on the favored ones. After that gut-wrenching miracle shot the gods provided to save the Celtics’ season, what ending will they cook up to top that? Which team will they honor tomorrow?

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Who Will Be Crowned The New NBA Kings This Year?

This NBA playoffs has by far exceeded expectations with its surprising twists and turns, its upset wins and sorry losses. Each series has been as exciting and as unpredictable as the weather out there. Each team has a great chance to win. But each win will have to be earned the hard way. Each move in each game will have to be studied ever so seriously. Like a chess match, these 2 series will be determined by whoever reacts fast enough against the offensive and defensive ploys of the other.

Who’s Joining the NBA’s Final Four?

This year’s playoff has been a total blast. Betting odds have gone awry, top teams have been disrespected. As the Chinese saying goes: we live in interesting times. Indeed, in this season’s basketball wars, it is moment-to-moment for all the surviving teams; with health, team chemistry and coaching creativity now playing major roles in the crucial days ahead.

The Quest for the NBA 2023 Title Continues!!!

Sixteen magnificent teams remained after the NBA’s long 2023 regular season. Another 8 were to fall after the first round of the brutal it’s-you-or-me killer playoffs. And the eight survivors – bloodied all, but alive nonetheless – move on to do battle yet again for the right to make the Final Four. Like the gladiators of old, eight teams prepare with their weapons of choice, to meet yet another team, in a duel to the death. It is kill-or-be-killed time, it is lose and begone!

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