The Road to Super Bowl LVII

The Chiefs and the Bengals, the Eagles and the 49ers. All four teams will ride on the shoulders of 4 outstanding young quarterbacks. Gone from the list are the likes of the multi-awarded Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and company. Still in the running are the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes at age 27, the Bengals’ Joe Burrow at 26, the Eagles’ Jalen Hurts at 24 and the 49ers’ Brock Purdy at only 23 years of age. Which QB will win it all?

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Lessons Learned From The Recent Ginebra – Bay Area Epic Finals

The entry of the Bay Area Dragons was the biggest boon to the PBA in recent years. The Dragons were a new team, a strong contender for the crown, and a foreign entity at that. This would whet the interest of the fans no end, as the team had the height and heft, the strength and the speed, the stamina and the smarts, to do battle with the best of the PBA.

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Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022: A Smashing Success!

With the successful hosting of the month-long football fiesta, Qatar was able to showcase not just the best of football, it showed to the world its rich culture, its hospitality, and most of all, its capacity to be a big-time player in the field of sports entertainment.   Qatar’s bid for the games may have been a huge gamble, but in the end, the spectacular games and the highly professional hosting that never failed to dazzle the fans who trooped personally to the arenas, contrived to make the FIFA World Cup 2022 a smashing success.

Argentina Wins in the Best FIFA World Cup Finals Ever!!!

Indeed, this year’s World Cup has been a physically and emotionally draining, yet totally satisfying experience for everyone. With its ebbs and flows, the turning tides, the daring drives, the nifty passes, the spectacular saves; and with the greatest player ever, and the successor on the rise. The game will go down in history as a clear winner; with all the drama, the emotions, the love, the hate, the beauty, the glory and splendor of a game that truly epitomize life itself. Truly epic!

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