My Main Take-aways from “The Last Dance”

‘The Last Dance’ was a gift to us, with wonderful lessons weaved into it – of sacrifice, of frustrations, of trials and triumphs, of leadership, of love, of life itself. You want to succeed in life? Be like Mike.

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Michael Jordan vs Lebron James: Who’s Your GOAT?

To determine MY GOAT, I tried to think of a set of criteria from which to base my judgement. To do this, I thought that statistical analysis would be the best way to go. However, I realized that these figures must be subjected to generational differences as well. Both players are admittedly the best in their generation, but the generational style and rules will render the comparison quite subjective. I’ve got my GOAT. Who you got?

Which Beat are You Playing for “The Last Dance”?

“The Last Dance” features candid insights and never-before seen footages of the Bulls during the tumultuous season. In showing the series, the NBA stated that “this project celebrates one of the greatest players and dynasties ever, and we hope it can serve as a unifying entertainment experience to fill the role that sports often play in our lives, telling a story that will captivate everyone, not just sports fans.” Watch it and be regaled.

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