Which Beast of the East Will Meet the Best of the West?

Gather ye, oh worshippers of cage gods, past and present. The new NBA battles are about to begin. See the gladiators of old as they do battle with the new class of warriors in the arena. Savor the new alliances, watch them as they spill each other’s guts for all to see. And be excited as you watch out for new balling styles for the bold and the creative.

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My Take-Aways From the Recently-Concluded FIBA World Cup

We need to inculcate the team play mindset among our players. Cut the dependence on isolation plays, work on movement without the ball, work on pick-and-roll offensive variations, work on pick-and-roll defense. And cut the superstar mentality where you can’t go back to relearn the basics of the pick-and-roll.

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What Team USA’s Debacle Means to the World

Euro basketball is on the rise. And so are the rest of the world’s caging countries. If the NBA doesn’t make a move to regain respect by sending their best talents, if its top players will not care to play ball against the rest of the world, then their game will suffer. And the mantle of invincibility will slowly be eroded. And when that happens, the allure of the NBA will surely go down.

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