Taiwannabe With You!!!

Taiwan will always occupy a special place in my heart. Its majestic monuments; its amazing balance of tradition and modernization; its green, lush forests and ever-clean environment; its friendly and helpful people. Taiwan, we’re truly glad to have visited you!!! Taiwannabe be with you indeed; as our airline of choice for this trip – Cebu Pacific – proclaims. And I shall always be grateful for the friendship and camaraderie that my old friend, Chao Yung, gifted me. Hope you can come visit us in the Philippines soon, mistah!

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Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Despite the passage of years, and the different paths we took, and the diverse views we may have developed through the years, there remain among us that special bond that brought us together during our early teenage years. It is an amazing glue that has kept us close. Even for those who have found a better life for themselves and their families in other countries, there still remained that yearning to reconnect and reminisce those beautiful memories of our high school days.

Buchi’s a Big Boy Now

My grandson, Buchi, is turning 4 very soon. How he’s quickly grown from being a cute baby to a luvable toddler to an impish pre-schooler is still a surprise to me. If you ask me, I wish he’d remain that happy, cheerful kiddo whose smile could turn my cloudy days bright oh-so-effortlessly. I wish that I could enjoy his silly antics some more. I wish he’d forever stay the same fun-loving, mischievous tyke with nary a care in the world.

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