Donatela, A Home Away From Home

At the end of our stay in Donatela, we all felt refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world once again. Truly, it has been a soothing, calming experience for us; truly a home away from home. And I’d like to thank Acting GM Edward Sarmiento and his staff for the warm hospitality and care. It has been a great relaxing trip to cap the year 2022.

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Grateful for the Blessings of 2022; Looking Forward to a Bountiful 2023

2022 came and was gone in a flash. What a fast year this was! For me at least. One day, it’s Monday, the start of the week; and suddenly I’m facing a Friday. Funny how time drags when there’s nothing much on your plate, and how time flies when you’ve got much to do.

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