Remembering the PEFTOK and the Battle of Yultong (22 – 23 April 1951)

I had the rare privilege of knowing one of the these “Fighting Filipinos” when I joined the Scout Rangers back in 1978. MSgt Vic “Fatal Blow” Galvan was then the Sgt Major of the newly-revived Scout Ranger Group (SRG). He was such a stickler for hard training, always stressing that famous line: “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”. He would regale us with stories of the big war in Korea; of the dangers, the difficulties, and the pain of losing close comrades.

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A Sentimental Journey to Baguio

Life has been good to us. And it’s all because of the Academy. It’s all about the character-building, the ‘Courage, Integrity and Loyalty’ motto it has inculcated in us, it’s about the maturity, the love-of-country – all these and more – that I am so thankful for. And even as I reach the twilight of my years, I shall forever cherish – and remain forever indebted – to the Academy.

How the AFP Can Play a Significant Role in the National Sports Development Program

Undoubtedly, the AFP and PNP can play a big role in the propagation of Philippine Sports. First, it can provide a sustainable career path for athletes who have the passion to propagate their respective sports. But more importantly, it has the potential to significantly upgrade the country’s overall sports programs through a comprehensive and systematic grassroots sports development program for the youth, thus helping create a healthier, more disciplined, and more physically and mentally-endowed society.

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