Lake Buhi is the New Kid on the Block

Imagine what goes on in the minds of the Lake Buhi paddlers. You have, on one hand, the formidable Army Team. Powered by six (6) grizzled internationalists who had conquered the Tampa World Championship in 2011, the Army paddlers had been a dominant force in both local and foreign dragon boat circuits.

Nosing out the Army in Manila Bay

On the other hand, there is the equally victorious Navy Team. With seven (7) members of the national team that emerged victorious in the ICF World Championships last year in Italy, the Navy’s credentials are just as solid. They too can send shivers down everyone else’s spine.

The PDBF's Best

But Lake Buhi isn’t just like everyone else. Lake Buhi is as tough as nails, and won’t be easily intimidated. They had paid their dues against the big-bodied Armymen. Toiling under their shadows for so many tournaments. Sweating, enduring, learning through the process. Absorbing the losses, gritting their teeth through the heartaches. Until they finally scored a breakthrough early this year.

Lightweight, yes, but deadly just the same

So when they finally zipped past the Army in the 1st leg of the Cobra Regatta last February, all the frustrations just vanished in the air. By beating the Army, they had achieved what no one else had done for a long time! That feat made them feel like Jack the giant-killer on top of his first slain giant.

The giant killers

Having tasted that addicting flavor of success, Lake Buhi is eager to take the scalp of yet another internationally-acclaimed paddle warrior, the Navy. The Buhi Sinarapan Boys believe that if they bring the Navy to its knees, they will have the singular honor of having defeated the core groups of both the 2011 Tampa world championship under the IDBF, and the 2012 Turin world championship under the ICF. Thus earning for them the distinction as true world champion beaters.

Mainly supported by Barangay Captain Joefred Balagot, Lake Buhi has a rags-to-riches story that easily make them the darling of the crowd. They are David against the Goliaths. They are Popeye against the big bad Brutus. They are Cinderella against the seven dwarfs? (Haha! Sorry, folks, just got a little carried away there.) Expect them to draw tremendous fan support from the fishermen and ordinary folks who, like them, dream of hitting the lotto.

The 2nd Cobra – PDBF International Club Crew Challenge is produced by the Provincial Government of Bohol, the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation, and Tapok Tapok Bol-anon; with Cobra, Philex, Smart Philippines and Cetaphil. Co-producing the event are Lj Lumayag of K & N Productions, Bohol Paddlers Association, Tagbilaran City, and the municipalities of Dauis and Maribojoc, Rotary Tagbilaran and JCI Bohol.

The major sponsors are: Bluewater Panglao, Bellevue Hotel, First Consolidated Bank, TIEZA, and Zoocolate Thrills. Other sponsors include: DOT, Oishi, 2Go, Adnama Mining, Danao Adventure Park, Hyundai, Starlite, Eskaya, Ramasola Studios, Truckworld, Lite Shipping, Island Prints and Cong Rene Relampagos.

The media partners include: the Manila Bulletin, MB Sports Digest, Philippine Star, Business Mirror, TV5, Solar Sports, Sports Unlimited, BCCTV, Bohol Chronicle, DYRD, Xync Mag and

We urge you to be there for the ‘Battle of Champions’ at the 2nd Cobra-PDBF International Club Crew Challenge in Dauis, Bohol this April 26-30.

Ang hindi magpunta sa Bohol, pangit!


  1. Congratulations in advance for staging the 2nd Cobra-PDBF International Club Crew Challenge. You’re the man!!! Here’s wishing you a very successful event. We were really planning to go, but I have several patients waiting for labor & delivery during that time. Since we went on vacation already, I can’t leave once again to be there. But you have our wholehearted support.


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