A Boholana Teacher Pleads For Help

The struggle for Bohol to get back on its feet continues, even as another challenge threatens by way of a super-storm code-named Yolanda. We are grateful for the outpouring of aid that came from all directions. But we realize that we are not over the hump yet.

Profuse with gratitude.
Profuse with gratitude.

Here’s a letter from a teacher who is determined to get her school children back to the classrooms.We hope her innovative idea will touch your hearts.

Share-A-Home Project

I am a teacher. And I can’t help but worry about my students coming in for the second semester. I’m worried that they’ll stop because of insufficient funds. They lost their homes, they lost some of their friends and loved ones. School is around the corner. SO HERE’S MY PLEA… (again and again, I’m always asking for help).

Here’s my plan, see if you share the same plans with me.

I have students who are very good students. They are diligent, hard working and ambitious. They study really hard and set their goals to succeed. But because of the recent earthquake that shook a lot of lives, some of them won’t be able to attend school for this second semester. So I was thinking, what if we SHARE A HOME? If we have an empty room at home, if it is used as a playroom for our baby, so it’s just filled with her toys. WHY NOT USE THIS ROOM TO HOUSE STUDENTS WHO LOST THEIR HOMES SO THEY CAN AT LEAST SAVE MONEY AND USE IT FOR TUITION AND OTHER SCHOOL EXPENSES??? 

Here’s the CALL FOR HELP. Those with extra rooms and spaces that could be used to shelter student/s who want to come to school this semester, let’s HELP THEM… Share your blessings, FEED THEM, SHELTER THEM. Give them security and a safe place to stay. Help their families save money, and in a way, you are saving their lives…. 

Maluoy mo, tabang ta… I am but a small voice with a PLAN. and I am hoping this plan will become a reality, and A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL BE A PART OF THIS… not everyone has relatives in the city where they can stay in the meantime… Let’s make strangers be part of our homes… IF YOU ARE A STUDENT WHO LOST YOUR HOME AND YOU WANT TO CONTINUE STUDYING IN THE CITY, PLEASE COMMENT HERE OR PM ME THE INFO. We will take note of you… IF YOU ARE A FAMILY WHO IS WILLING TO SHARE-A-HOME, PLEASE COMMENT HERE OR PM ME THE INFO ALSO. Let’s get organised and let’s help each other! 

Catherene Bustrillos 

Come and join us.
Join us in this worthy endeavor.

For those who may wish to get in touch with her, she has a Facebook account: Catherene Bustrillos. Thank you.

For more on the Bohol quake, pls read:

(Pictures courtesy of Ric Obedencio, Ghen Lumayag )


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