Help is on the Way

Here’s a poignant message of brotherhood and sympathy from Atty Jun Amora, a dear friend from the disaster-stricken island of Bohol, which is fresh from its own bout with a killer earthquake. This message is addressed to our kababayans in Samar, Leyte and all the other towns and provinces that were battered by Super Typhoon Yolanda.

To our brothers and sisters in Leyte, Samar and other provinces bearing the onslaught of Yolanda:

We here in Bohol are still reeling from the great quake. But we also share and feel your pain. Yes, we are still hurting. Yet this will not stop us from extending and offering our own bruised arms to reach out to you. We are coming to your side. We will help you get up, limping we may be. We will strive to have you healed, wounded though we are. All of us are hobbling now, but if we lean on each other’s arms, perhaps the arduous journey will not be too difficult to trod.

Take it from us. Many out there will also offer their hearts and hands. They are with us in this plight. They, too, will come to you.

In our hour of need, people are helping from all over the Philippines, and all over the world. And much as there will be frayed nerves in all these exercises, there is no end to sympathy and support coming. It just takes time. A lot of understanding. And patience.

And sometimes, no matter how much and how carefully you prepare, the disaster is just too big. So let’s give our brothers and sisters in Leyte and Samar some slack. This is definitely not the time for finger-pointing. This is the time to roll our sleeves and work together.

For more stories on Super-Typhoon Yolanda, pls visit:

(Photos courtesy of abs-cbn, gma network, afp)



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  1. Keep up the good works, Uncle! We’re pulling for you all stateside. All of our healing thoughts , hopes for courage & support go out to you all during this trying time. ~Blessings to All~


      1. Would you mind if I share your blogs to my colleagues outside the Philippines too? I believe they also need to know positive stories as this. They are part of the “external” helps for the Phils. Thank you.


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