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Check this out.  Last September, Habitat for Humanity Philippines opened the first-ever ReStore facility in the Philippines – and in Asia for that matter – in Las Pinas. ReStore is a home appliance store with a twist. It offers new and slightly-used appliances, furniture, home accessories and building materials at significantly-reduced rates. Prices are so atrociously low that the store items such as furniture, electronic appliances, linens and other home fixtures have been selling like hotcakes.

Great home stuff. You name it, we have it!!!  (courtesy of jen rodil)

How does Habitat get to sell stuff at such low, low prices? These items are donations from Habitat families and friends – from used appliances and furniture to slightly-used linens to unsold construction materials, to unwanted or duplicate accessories, etc – home stuff that would have been disposed of in another way. Everything, including  literally, the kitchen sink!!! That said, Habitat can therefore dispose of them at reasonable or very friendly rates and still make a small profit. And the proceeds of whatever sale Habitat gets are then used in accordance with Habitat’s advocacy. Which is: to build decent and affordable homes for our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Habitat’s ReStore is at the Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City.

Some people will ask: “If store items are getting sold out fast, how do you maintain your inventory?” Because the proceeds go to a noble cause, more and more people have been coming in to give donations. From private individuals to families to appliance store owners to hotel owners or department store managers to construction builders  – people have been flocking to the ReStore not just to buy but to unload stuff that have otherwise been eating up valuable space in their homes, offices or stores. And when they part with their stuff with such love knowing that it is for a noble cause, the positive energy permeates and brings forth more of the same. Like the story of how Jesus fed the multitude with only seven loaves of bread and fish in Matthew 15:32-39, ReStore has been finding miraculous ways to keep a good inventory of items.

Thus, Habitat has been able to bring in a great opportunity for both donors and buyers. On one hand, you see a noble way to unload stuff that would otherwise be unused and unappreciated; and you also find an opportunity to but needed home requirements at a very, very decent price.

Come, check us out! We can be found at G-3 Alabang Zapote Road, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas, City.  We also continue to accept donations.

Need we say more? Here are some more videos for you:

Home is Where the Start is

Habitat Philippines

Have a merry and blessed Christmas, everyone!!!

(Thanks, Francis! Thanks, Jen! And thanks, Michael! You are all heavensent!)


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