Alluring Aguinid

A good friend of mine, Pons Alvarez, has been tirelessly promoting the wonders of Cebu. And for good reasons. From its abundant waters to its lush forests and scenic mountains; from its rich history to its many adventure-filled destinations to its food and culture trips, Cebu’s tourist offerings are enough to last you a lifetime of great experiences.

I kid you not. There are so many sights to see in Cebu. It’s not just the beaches and the diving. And today, I’m taking you to one of them.

Awesome, yet vibrant and enjoyable. (courtesy of

Aguinid Falls is located about 150 kilometers south of Cebu City. It may not be as grandiose as the Niagara or other huge internationally-acclaimed falls; but its natural beauty, its simplicity and its availability makes it a great fun-filled experience that’s unique, yet affordable on the pocket.

Aguinid is located in the southern tip of Cebu, where the Oslob whale shark viewing and other canyoneering adventures are located. (courtesy of

It used to be one of the inexpensive secret hangouts for locals before backpackers and intrepid tourists discovered it. Since then, the place has been teeming with foreign and local tourists who simply enjoy Aguinid’s pristine setting.

Enjoy! But do be careful and listen to your guide all the time. (courtesy of

Unlike other falls whose beauty you can only view from afar, Aguinid’s allure stems from the fact that it allows you to frolic in its fresh waters, even as it provides a novel mystic experience. And it’s not just one lone falls, but a series of spectacular falls that provide different challenges, different marvels and thus, exact different emotions.

Wash away those fears and troubles. (courtesy of

Aguinid is a series of waterfalls that traverse the Tangbo River.  From Level 0 to Level 5, it provides its viewers a wonderful connection with nature. Imagine the rush of cool water gently nudging your head,  massaging your shoulders, tickling your back, sliding down your hips, washing your whole body, cleansing your inner being.

A wonderful connection with nature. (courtesy of

Words can never fully express the beauty of the Aguinid. Hence, I will leave you to watch the pics below. Enjoy. And imagine. She’s wet. You’re wild. Agui and you. What a wicked combination!!!

Enjoy Scott Helman with “Bungalow’ while browsing the pics. Just press on the pics.

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  1. Going through the tiers of falls is quite an adventure in itself! And that’s what we love about Aguinid. True, a lot of local and foreign tourists now flock Aguinid because it’s Samboan’s gem, but there are also other nice falls and a rich marine sanctuary that are worth checking out. 🙂

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  2. Charly, those photos when enlarged are absolutely stunning. Indeed, I can “feel” being there. It is so sad that I was so close to Cebu last year and had no idea of its “alluring” beauty…

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  3. hi charlie! wow! would love to bring my family to this wonderful place. thanks for writing about/ featuring it in your blog. i came to know caramoan through your beautiful description of the place. and you were right caramoan is indeed a memorable place to visit.

    i know we’ll make beautiful memories when we experience this seemingly “enchanted” place in cebu!

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    1. Hi, Mina! And thanks for the encouraging words.

      Aguinid will be a wonderful experience for the family, I assure you. And you can actually hit other unique spectacles along the way too. There’s the Oslob whale-shark watching, there’s canyoneering and mountain trekking as well. I can help you package your trip if you so decide to come over. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Rich! I am honored by the nomination. And I ‘d like you to know that you are doing great work providing stories of the great wars. They are a source of inspiration and wisdom for me, even as we see conflicts develop in different stages in the globe. Thank you once again.:)


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