Skipping Work Soon…

May 21 was a memorable day for the family. My youngest son, Joshua, was finally graduating from the Asia-Pacific College.  After more than 2 decades of cajoling, enticing, berating, pleading, ordering, bribing, bolahizing, suholizing and what-have-you, my work is finally DONE! Done as in game over. Done as in take-that-effing-uniform-off-and-go. Done as in no more worries. I. Am. Free. At last!!!

A graduation present, goodness gracious!!! (courtesy of

What touched me most was when he hugged me last night and said: “Dad, I will retire you pretty soon.” That felt really good. That felt like a big chip was finally being taken off my shoulder. That felt like… yey, I can finally sit back and relax while the kids work their a___s off.

Yes!!! Finally!!! (courtesy of

And then I remembered Pacquiao retiring De La Hoya. After 7 merciless rounds. After countless body blows and head shots. De La Hoya’s pretty face demolished, huffing and puffing and aching all over. Was that what he meant? I hope not.

De La Hoya retired after a Pacquiao beatdown. (courtesy of

Congrats, my man! Know that we’re with you all the way.

Here’s Josh showing off one of his talents.




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