Why We Must Invest in Sports for Our Youth


      1. Bring back the school sports program where they compete in the provincial, regional and national competitions. Let the school be provided with officials properly trained in the character developmental role of sports. Then provide a similar program for out of school youths run by the barangays where they compete all the way to national competition. Inter-companies or professionals sports competition shall also be tapped to ensure covering all the bases. The winners or promising athletes are then identified for international competitions all the way to the Olympics. Everything must be based on TALENTS OR MERITS. This must be enshrined in the constitution no less and freed from political interference to ensure we have a sustained program. Encourage also sports agents looking for Outliers. They could be outside of the two mainstream sources but are just waiting to be discovered.

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  1. The school programs are still there. However, the teachers manning the youth and sports development have little or no training, nor do they have enough passion to do the job, Harlie. I think that’s where the uniformed services can help out. Taking the kids by the hand, crossing that initial challenge, so that they are on their way to developing a liking for sports.


    1. i’m so looking forward to playing the obnoxious stage grand-dad for my Buchi. when he’s 6, he’ll be the next lebron jordan. hah!
      kidding aside, yeah, some parents need some good old parenting too.


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