Making Sense of the War in the Wild, Wild West

Overall, the key factors that will matter most in these last few games in the regular season will be: how the new players (Durant, Irving, Westbrook, etc) integrate into their new teams’ systems; how the injuries (Lebron, Durant, Zion, Towns, etc) affect their teams’ standings at the end of the season; and how other issues (Morant, Wiggins) pan out. We have here a long list of outstanding players. But do they fit in? Will they bring out the best out of the rest of the crew? Are they healthy enough – physically and mentally – for the rigors of the playoffs?

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Dame vs Ja: Will It be Dame Demolishing, or Ja Jamming?

This weekend, the NBA offers a mini-series that will serve as a preliminary act to the playoffs. The Portland Trail Blazers duke it up with the Memphis Grizzlies in a win-or-die affair to determine who takes the last spot in the Western Conference playoffs. With all but the Western 8th seed set, the playoffs will commence next week. But before that, here’s a bit of an appetizer.

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What a Difference a Dame Makes!!!

There’s an old song that goes: “what a difference a day makes, 24 little hours.” Yup, in a matter of hours, the leaderboard has rocked and rolled. It is the homestretch, and it’s the Blazers – with the unstoppable guns of gametime Damian Lillard – blazing the trail for the last seat to the playoffs. Indeed, what a difference a Dame makes!