A Message of Support for the New POC

But while this battle may have been won, the war is not over yet. The POC coup pals continue to crawl their way around, hoping to agitate, hoping to tempt other NSAs like the proverbial snake in the garden of Eden. We must remain vigilant.

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Why the POC Coup Pals Need To Go

What makes them deserving when there’s nothing in their credentials to merit another try? What new ideas are they armed with this time to excite us? Shall we allow these coup pals to get back in power?

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The Birth of a Movement to Reform Philippine Sports

Sports is not about perpetuating one’s interests, abrogating funds, going on lavish trips abroad, promoting relatives and friends, discriminating those who are not in the in-group. Sports is supposed to be a tool to develop our children. It provides the basics to teach children about discipline, professionalism, teamwork, fair play, nationalism and more.

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