How the Philippines Clinched the SEA Games Overall Crown

PSC Chairman Butch Ramirez states: “This is the result of all the sacrifice and hard work of everyone. This victory is very sweet given the many difficulties we had to face. This win proves that we can achieve a lot when we come together united as one team. I am so proud of our athletes. All of them deserve our respect and love.”

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Why the Philippines Has Taken a Dominating Lead at the SEA Games

The sudden deluge of Philippine gold medals in the SEA Games, after more than a decade of miserable performance, can be attributed to 3 things: 1) the introduction of host-dominant sports; 2) the homecourt advantage; and finally, 3) the new leadership in Philippine Sports and the reforms being initiated. Finally, there is a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel.

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We Win As One!

Today, the Games begin. Let us go to the gym and cheer for the home team. Let us cheer for all the participants and show our visitors the great hospitality we have always been known for. Let’s celebrate the oneness. Let’s carry our pride and nationalism up our sleeves. Let’s go, Philippines!!! We win as one!!!

Preparing for the SEA Games

I have remained silent over the preparations for the SEA Games in the hope that our athletes may not be subjected to undue distractions. Suffice it to say that I am rooting for our athletes, despite the many problems I have witnessed with Philippine Sports. Reform Philippine Sports stands committed in support of the country’s efforts to host and compete in the incoming SEA Games.

Pardon, Does Peace Mean Disunity at the POC?

The Coup Pals of the POC are digging in, intent on making life miserable for the new President, Bambol Tolentino. They fired the first volley yesterday when they disregarded Bambol’s call for an Executive Board meeting on a variety of reasons. The power struggle in the POC is set to come to a head. Whether it will be before the SEA Games or after, it’s just a matter of time.

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