My Key Take-Aways From the Dubs’ Triumphant Return to the NBA Throne

Just three years removed from being unceremoniously kicked out of the NBA’s throne room, the Golden State Warriors are once again on top of the basketball world! What is it that makes the Dubs tick?

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Believing the Boston Celtics

The Celtics are a pleasant surprise with their 1-0 series lead. What makes them scary is that Jayson Tatum, their main man, was not even a party to the offensive uprising in that fateful 4th stanza. What makes them scarier still is that they did it in the Warriors’ homecourt at the Chase Center Arena in San Francisco.

Steph Curry: The Greatest Shooter Of All Time

2,975 3-pts made. And counting. Delivered in only 789 games and 12 seasons of action. In comparison, the ex-record holder, Ray Allen, scored 2,973 3-pointers in 1,300 games and 18 seasons. Steph’s journey to achieve this record is truly amazing. And what’s scary about this is that Steph is still at the prime of his playing years. Given the fact that he still has about 5 years in the NBA, this record could be nothing short of unreachable.  

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