Halftime Report for the 2022 NBA Season

This year’s season is an extension of last year’s troubled COVID games. The campaign will be decided once again by injuries, and how the COVID pandemic affects the playoffs. 

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Steph Curry: The Greatest Shooter Of All Time

2,975 3-pts made. And counting. Delivered in only 789 games and 12 seasons of action. In comparison, the ex-record holder, Ray Allen, scored 2,973 3-pointers in 1,300 games and 18 seasons. Steph’s journey to achieve this record is truly amazing. And what’s scary about this is that Steph is still at the prime of his playing years. Given the fact that he still has about 5 years in the NBA, this record could be nothing short of unreachable.  

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To Arms, To Arms! The Warriors Are Coming!!!

Basketball has evolved so much during the past decade. And a big part of that must be credited to the Golden State Warriors. If you are a serious student of the game, watch the Warriors play. Understand the small nuances, the subtle changes and adjustments. Not only will you learn about new basketball concepts, perhaps you’ll find some profound nuggets of wisdom you could use in running your life.

Conquering the NBA’s Wild, Wild West

The teams are so competitive, and the playoff match-ups will be crucial. Each team must have a ready foil for the type of weaponry employed by their adversaries. Be it a long-range missile, a fast-firing machine gun, a big battering ram or a small silent bladed weapon up close, the defense must be prepared with an answer.

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