Donaire to Give The Philippines Something to Cheer About for Christmas

Donaire-Arce: Dec 15

This Saturday, December 15, Nonito Donaire tries to cheer up a forlorn Philippines that is just reeling from the twin tragedies brought by Typhoon Pablo and Hurricane JuanMa. Nonito defends his WBO and The Ring Super-Bantamweight Titles against another illustrious Mexican warrior, Jorge Arce, at the Toyota Center in downtown Houston.

Almost even odds

Donaire, who holds a 30-1-0 record with 19 ko’s, will have his hands full with Arce, who has a 60-6-2 record with 46 ko’s and 1 no-contest. Arce has twice as many wins to his credit, plus a better knockout percentage at .766 to Nonito’s .633.  The grizzled Arce also boasts of having defeated 5 Pinoy boxers, with 4 of them via knockout.  For this, Arce should have bragging rights as the Pinoy Executioner. The ‘Filipino Flash’, on the other hand, has an immaculate 13 – 0 record against Mexicans. Eleven (11) of these were in spectacular knockout fashion, the last being that highlight 2nd-round annihilation of another former titleholder, Fernando Montiel. This should up the ante for the title fight.The Champion

Nonito understands that the hopes and dreams of an entire nation is riding on his shoulders right now. Still in a state of shock from Manny Pacquiao’s upset loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, and grieving over the disaster caused by Typhoon Pablo, the country is looking for something to cheer about.  And a win, particularly a convincing demolition of an equally-competent and popular Mexican rival,will be the perfect Christmas gift Nonito can give the country.

The Challenger

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