Coach Annabs Wows the Paddlers of Bohol

Veteran internationalist and coach, Annabelle Tario, left Manila last January 28 for a month-long stint to train the new dragon boat paddling enthusiasts in Tagbilaran, Bohol. It was supposed to be a simple train-and-go thing for Coach Annabs, who had to leave behind her own team in Manila. She wasn’t ready for the star treatment and the special kind of hospitality she would get there though.

Morning Exercise for Wanna-Be Paddlers

The eager rookies in Bohol did not expect a winsome lass like Coach Annabs to come in to train them either.  They had been expecting a mean-looking drill sergeant-type guy. Thus, they were pleasantly surprised and totally disarmed when Coach Annabs was formally introduced. For once, it felt strange but good to have a woman on top of such physical activities.

She was uncompromising in her training though, pushing the locals until their muscles and bones ached.  A lot felt like quitting after the first sessions. But to those who persevered, things were slowly getting better. And they were starting to feel better about their bodies. And they loved the way she was pushing them. They loved the fact that she wanted them to attain their max. And she knew which buttons to push; she knew when to hold back.

Drill Sergeant AnnabsHold that Properly, Mister!!!At Last, the Real Thing!!The Face of Dragon Boating in Bohol

She left for Manila last Feb 28, after a busy month of hard work and sweet indelible memories of Bohol. Thanks, Coach Annabs, for the great training and the wonderful time!  Bohol is forever indebted to you. Here’s a link to a video for Coach Annabs:

BPA Pres Doyet Dumaluan Presents Annabs a remembranceAnnabs'  ArmyEnjoying the SightsThe Food!  Anabelle Becomes Ana-'bilbil'Parading Before our Coach for the last time


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