Will Mayweather’s No-Loss Streak be Upended by ‘The Ghost’?

Floyd ‘Money May’ Mayweather’s 43 wins, no loss record stands on the line today as he mixes it up with Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero in Las Vegas. Coming from a prison sentence for beating up his ex-wife, coupled with a year of inactivity and the undeniable age factor slowly sipping in, it is quite possible that Money May’s skills may be on the decline.

Which Mayweather will enter the ring? Shall we see the slick, stylish, skillful Money May that dazzled us in 43 consecutive wars in the boxing arena? Or shall we see his skills deteriorated at age 36, damaged enough to make him vulnerable?

Facing him on the other side of the ring is a no-nonsense low-key fighter who has demonstrated the guts, the skill and the attitude to earn for himself this once-in-a-lifetime chance at the spotlight. Robert Guerrero, American of Mexican descent, 30 years of age, sporting a 31 win (18 ko’s), 1 loss, 1 draw record with 2 no-contests. Will he be able to tarnish that perfect 43-0 record that Floyd has nurtured for all of 17 years in the professional boxing ring?

Experience-wise, it will be Floyd by a mile. If the skills have remained, his defense will prove to be the main factor. Floyd’s impeccable defense has been his ‘Showtime’ move. Three of his last four bouts were won by decision, with the fourth a controversial KO win on account of a sucker punch dealt on an obviously unprepared Victor Ortiz. Floyd could win this via unanimous decision again, by peppering the gallant Robert who will be chasing him around the ring for the most part. Floyd will give Robert a boxing lesson in the process. That is, if his stamina holds out.

Age however will favor Robert. If Floyd’s skills turn out deteriorated, we’ll see Robert nailing Floyd a couple of times with his left. If we see Robert’s left connecting, it could be the end of Floyd’s unblemished run. Robert will have to hound the Money Man from bell-to-bell, not giving him time to think and time to rest. He will need all his skills in cutting the ring, in fighting long-range, and fighting from the clinch. And he will need to have an active left hand.

Floyd always had trouble with lefties. His defense is largely based on a great shoulder-roll that unfortunately doesn’t work much against lefties. That’s the main reason Floyd has been evading Manny Pacquiao. Because he is wary of kissing the meanest, bad-ass left hook the world has seen.

Who’s gonna end up victorious today? I’m thinking Robert has a decent shot. But I believe Money May still has enough left in his tank to weather this storm. It won’t be a slam-bang Alvarado-Rios trench fight, guys. It will be more of a tactical Rigo-Donaire tiff with Floyd coming out on top.

Bring out the beer, folks! Don’t forget the popcorn. It’s Showtime!!!

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