Canada Dominates First Day of Dragon Boat Championships in Hungary

Canada flexed its muscles to win 11 out of 21 gold medals at stake on the first day of the 11th World Dragon Boat Championships in Szegred, Hungary yesterday. Capping the Canadians’ superb performance was their outstanding efforts in the day’s stellar events: the premium open 2000 meters and the premium mixed 2000 meters.

Canada raked in a total of 18 medals, failing to make the podium only on 3 occasions. USA tallied 10 medals, although they failed to annex a single gold medal. Australia was the next gold medal hauler with 3, while host Hungary and Russia took 2 golds each. The Philippines competed in only 2 events; eventually landing 7th in the 2000 premiere open, and 8th in 2000 premiere mixed finals.

In the premium open 2000 meters, Canada outlasted all comers with a best time of 7 mins, 48.92 seconds. USA came in a strong second with a time of 7:49.79. Third was China with a time of 7:50.96.

In the premium mixed 2000 meters, Canada once again showed the way with a blazing time of 7:56.74, way ahead of the USA which took silver with a time of 8:00.31. Germany took the bronze with 8:07.27. With these dominating feats, the Canadians are positioning themselves to be the powerhouse in the International Dragon Boat community today.

Results of the first day action were as follows:

Canada 12G 5S 1B  T-18

Australia 3G 2S 1B  T-6

Hungary 2G 2S 2B  T-6

Russia 2G 1S 0B  T-3

China 1G 2S 1B  T-4

Ukraine 1G 0S 0B  T-1

USA 0G 6S 4B  T-10

Great Britain 0G 1S 1B  T-2

Slovak Rep 0G 1S 1B  T-2

Germany 0G 0S 3B  T-3

Czech Rep 0G 0S 3B  T-3

Italy 0G 0S 1B  T-1

Poland 0G 0S 1B  T-1

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