Another Silver and Bronze for the Philippine Team in the Hungary Games

The PDBF Team to the Hungary Dragon Boating Championship harvested two medals out of three events it competed in on the third day of the Games.

In the 200 meters premiere women’s (small boat) event, the Philippines took second to fellow Asean competitor, Thailand. Completing the podium finish was Chinese Taipei. Due to lack of players, the PDBF Team had joined the small boat (10-paddlers) competition instead of the standard (20-man) boat competition for the women’s division.

200 meters, premiere women (small boat)
0 55.120 1. Thailand
0 56.260 2. Philippines
0 57.400 3. Chinese Taipei
0 58.340 4. Great Britain
1 00.560 5. Trinidad and Tobago
1 03.010 6. Puerto Rico

In the 200 meters premiere mixed standard finals, the Philippines captured a bronze medal. On top of the leader board were the powerhouses: China and Canada.

200 meters, premiere mixed (standard)
46.460 1. China
47.040 2. Canada
47.490 3. Philippines
48.450 4. Germany
48.520 5. Czech Republic
49.530 6. Ukraine

In the 200 meters premiere open event, the Philippines was nosed out by a surprising Chinese Taipei team for the bronze by a hair-splitting .04 sec! China and Canada once again occupied the top two slots.

43.540 1. China
44.140 2. Canada
45.620 3. Chinese Taipei
45.660 4. Philippines
45.790 5. Germany
46.770 6. Czech Republic

China and Canada took turns ruling the 200 meters events, with Canada taking the women’s event over the Chinese Team.

At present, the Cobra-sponsored PDBF Team has clinched 2 silvers and a bronze in the 11th IDBF World Championship in Szeged, Hungary.




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