Flex-ing our Heads and our Hearts

I have just undergone a 2-day seminar on leadership. On a program called FLEX. Cajoled by my wife, Wit, and charmed on the other end by my daughter, Aly.

FLEX 174

I thought that I’ve had enough of leadership since that’s a regular staple in the military service. Do you know that we eat leadership for breakfast? Munch on it for lunch, snack on it, wine and dine on it, live it from daybreak till dusk. And beyond. Yeah. Authoritarian leadership, democratic leadership. Tranformational, transactional leadership. Servant leadership. Leadership is that big ship followed by smaller ships. Stuff like that.

Heck, I had actually taken a similar course about 2 decades ago. Hence I came in with a ‘been-there-done-that’ kind of attitude at the start.

But the moment I waded in, I felt a different kind of air, a different atmosphere unfolding. This seminar wasn’t about to give me miracles to change other people. This wasn’t about getting people to listen to me, and follow my lead. This was about looking inward and changing myself instead.

The Foundation of Leadership Excellence (FLEX) is the first seminar offered by the Organizational Change Consultants International, Inc (OCCI) in their vision “to build a world that works for everyone with no one left out”. The OCCI is committed to “transform the Philippines by transforming the Filipino”. They specialize in coaching and facilitator-in-training programs that aim to help people develop their full potential.

What did I learn from my 2-day sojourn? Plenty. From victims to martyrs to taking responsibility to focus to self-imposed limits to traditions and so on and so forth. There was just so much to learn. About our environment, about life. But most of all, about me. They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Don’t fall for that crap. For as long as we live, there will always be changes, and with that come something new to learn.

FLEX gave me a whole lot to think about. But other than the ‘food for thought’ they gave us, it was the full dish of nourishment for the heart that fulfilled me as well as the other seminar participants. I truly love the positive vibes that was so abundant I could almost touch it. And for that, I’d like to congratulate and thank Ms Chona Santos, Ms Bel Villavicencio, Jerry, Edlynn, my man Borger, and the rest of the staff for a job well done!

The Snappy Team

OCCI also offers a 4-day Advance Leadership Course (ALC) for those who want to develop themselves even further. The ALC promises to provide you new skills to handle life’s many challenges. And for those who would love to take an even greater leap forward, there is a 60-70 day coaching program called the Leadership Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP). LEAP guarantees total personal empowerment. LEAP will provide daily contact with a personal life coach, plus weekly meetings with a support group.

For more information on the OCCI programs, please contact (632) 6870162. This is a cool group that will help you achieve a cool head, and a cool heart.

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