My Wife’s Garden

She’s wide awake at the break of day. She leaves me be as she glides away.
A mystery, she’s up this way. Oh pounding heart. Shush, stay, I say.

A smile, a twinkle in her eyes. Betrays her heart, it seems, I sigh.
A secret love, tis all so clear. Pray tell, my love, what’s this, so dear?

She flits away excitedly. Tis not enough, my love for thee.
O heart of hearts, please tell me no. Tis green I see, sweet love, don’t go.

My love, my life, there by the window. A glance, a smile, her eyes aglow.
I wish I could see who, see why. As God is great, so lost am I.

Then she beckons, with a smile. She takes my hand, we kiss awhile.
Reassuring, ever soothing, like a potion with a smile endearing.

She leads me to our windowsill, behold a view, serene and still
Oh field of green, red, yellow and blue; a garden’s beauty, I had no clue.

She beams with pride o’er this work of bliss. With plants and flowers, she could not miss.
With birds and bees, and butterflies too. A garden simple, yet so true.


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