Make Sure No Village Is Forgotten

I came across a letter sent by an energetic Boholana now based in Davao City. Upon learning of the sad plight of her barrio in Loay, Bohol after the quake, she immediately mobilized her friends. And she talks of an innovative way to give back. Here is her letter:
An Open Letter to Boholanos all over the World,
Many villages and small towns have been severely impacted by the devastating earthquake in Bohol. The media simply cannot cover all their stories. In my case, it is the village of Botoc where I grew up.
Through social media and phone contacts, I know exactly what they need. Drinking water and rice. And because I personally know who I can trust in Botoc, we are raising money to send directly to them so they can help themselves. I have asked them to post pictures back here so I and the rest of the village can monitor the progress.
If the Boholanos scattered across the world would adopt their own village to help, then we can make sure no village is forgotten.
For those wishing to help my village of Botoc, please contact me directly at 0918-967-1274 or message me here.
Boholanos of the world, now is the time for you to give back. Adopt your village and take a personal responsibility in making sure they get the help they need.
Maraming salamat po.
Myrna Padilla, Boholano
From the village of Botoc, Loay, Bohol

Myrna’s ‘adopt-a-village’ template seems to have caught on. Many Boholanos across the world are asking about the needs of their own towns and villages, and feel strongly about helping people they have known from years back. And it is easier for them to part with their hard-earned money, knowing that the guy on the receiving end is someone they know personally and care about.

Myrna’s initiative is just one of countless others I have encountered these past few days. In Davao City, Archbishop Valles has been the focal point for relief collections.  Collection points for relief goods are everywhere, from churches to banks to grocery stores to gas stations, etc. The National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) was among the first to sound the call for support. In response, Davao ICT Council, together with Cebu and Bacolod, answered the call to help Bohol. Others are following suit. Kiwanis of Tagum just sent 2 truckloads of medicines and tents with the assistance of the 71st Infantry Battalion. Lite Shipping has been kind enough to provide sea passage for humanitarian assistance free of charge. The Rotary and the Jaycees Clubs have been closely coordinating with their counterparts in Bohol for opportunities to help. Finally, no less than Mayor Digong Duterte himself has taken time to visit Bohol to hand the city’s contribution to the provincial government. Indeed, there is an overwhelming response to help Bohol in its hour of need.

These small acts of kindness are being replicated in other cities and towns in Mindanao. From Dipolog to Cagayan de Oro to Butuan to Surigao to Mati and Gensan, people are standing up to be counted. And they are also being replicated not just nation-wide, but across the globe as well. The netizens of the world have taken it upon themselves to be a strong voice pushing for this noble endeavor. Truly, it is heartwarming to see the sons and daughters of Bohol – along with all our brothers and sisters in this global community – working together to bring hope for a devastated Bohol.

We ask you to take some time to revisit these photos. These are random photos of the destruction, the heartaches and the tears, and finally, the grit and determination of a Boholano people who – in the words of Myrna – will not allow any village to be forgotten.

For more on the Bohol quake, pls read:

(We thank Ghen Lumayag, Myrna Padilla, Ric Obedenci0, APO Bohol, Bayanihan Bohol, GMA Network,,,,,  for the wonderful photos.)


  1. hello, thanks for sharing Myrna’s and the Boholano’s story, sir. hope many are helping. she has a way of putting it, “no village is forgotten. ” so simple yet says a lot about the situation in the calamity-stricken areas.

    just stumbled on yourregard site through sjanima’s reblog. thanks and regards… 🙂


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