Once Upon a Tragedy: A PhotoStory of When Haiyan Struck the Philippines

InkBlots and IceBergs

Once upon a time, somewhere between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea…

…there lay a unique archipelago named the Philippines.

• • •

It boasted of pristine white-sand beacheswith clear blue waters…

…abundant natural resourcesfound nowhere else in the world…

…and picturesque sunsetsof the kind that’ll take your breath away.

 • • •

But despite these stunning treasures, the Philippines hosts a people of notable humilityand simplicity.

These people go by the name “Filipinos.”

The Filipinos are a remarkable people. They are hard-working and resilient, patiently bearing the hardship of life…

…but they never forget to smile.


No matter what month of the year it is, there’s always a festivitysomewhere in its 7,107 islands.

They are among the happiest people in the world…

…and indeed their smiles are among the most beautiful

…the most authentic

…and the most

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