Daring in Dakak

(1st of a series: Suggestions for Summer)

It’s summer and the Lenten Week will soon be upon us. For the next few days, allow me to reblog some local travel suggestions for the family. Before you start planning for possible trips abroad, you should know that there are lots of great places to explore here in the Philippines. You should try them out.

Today, we’ll take a look at a quaint place in the south where you can have great amenities plus lots of privacy to boot. For the golf afficionados, Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman was there recently (with my good friend and mistah, Buddy ‘The Tummy’ Resurreccion), and it looks like they’re set to upgrade the golf course soon.

Aussie golfing great Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman posing with local bossing great, Buddy ‘The Tummy’ Resurreccion. (Courtesy of ‘The Tummy’)

Color My World

Not far from Dipolog – the capital city of the province of Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao – lies a hidden paradise called Dakak Park and Beach Resort. Like a secret treasure snuck in an obscure, remote place, Dakak stands out for its opulence amid the surrounding wilderness.

Dakak Park and Beach Resort

It’s close to a 45 – minute ride from Dipolog, thru the historic town of Dapitan. As you pass through Dapitan, you must drop by Rizal’s place of exile, another nice-to-see tour spot. It is a fascinating find, if you’re a Philippine history buff, plus it has a museum chronicling Rizal’s life, to include records of his genius, pictures of relatives, and the many loves of his life. But that in itself is another story.

The road to Dakak is concrete all the way, and there is no traffic at all. Hence, the trip for us was as pleasant as one…

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