Mixed Martial Arts Invades the Philippines!!!

This April 27, watch out for sizzling, slam-bang mixed martial arts action as fighters from China, Russia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada, USA, Iran and our own Philippines display their wares in the ‘Kunlun Fight World Tour’ at the Solaire Resort Casino Hotel.

Exciting MMA action takes the Philippines by storm. (Courtesy of Muay Thai FB)
Exciting MMA action takes the Philippines this April 27. (Courtesy of Muay Thai FB)

Promoted by Tony Reyes, the Vice President for the WBC – Muay Thai and founder of the Team USA Fight Promotions, the event is a highly- anticipated match in mainland China, showcasing many Chinese talents in the fast-rising sport. In fact, China’s most-respected and widely-acclaimed fighter, the Fighting Shaolin Monk – who is known as the Manny Pacquiao of Chinese mixed martial arts – is expected to grace the event. The chinese media is all abuzz over the event, with Kunsun Media expected to draw around 200 million viewers for the show.

The Fighting Shaolin Monk (Courtesy of blog.galvintan.com)
The Fighting Shaolin Monk in action. (Courtesy of blog.galvintan.com)

Tony Reyes’ latest production staged late last year, the ‘Fight for Peace’ last October at the Resorts World Manila, was a huge success with the chinese crowd, owing to the non-stop go-for-broke action that produced a total of 5 stoppages in 12 bouts. The ‘Kunlun Fight World Tour’ promises to exceed the standards set by the ‘Fight for Peace’.

Fight for Peace at the Resorts World last October. (Courtesy of wheninmanila.com)
‘Fight for Peace’ at the Resorts World last October. (Courtesy of wheninmanila.com)

Reyes has upped the ante for the Kunlun warriors by guaranteeing double compensation for the winner of every abbreviated fight; so that winning is no longer the objective, but ‘knocking the lights out’ of the opponent is. Slam-bang action and exciting knock-the-f__k-out (KTFO) victories have now become the trademark of the company.

Taken from the 'Fight for Peace' last October. (Courtesy of wheninmanila.com)
Taken from the ‘Fight for Peace’ last October. (Courtesy of wheninmanila.com)

Reyes also provides great opportunities for local mixed martial arts practitioners to display and improve their wares. Talents such as Reinhard ‘Bad Ass’ Badato and Agustin Delarmino are now starting to get recognized and respected in the region, creating the beginnings of a fan base in China and many countries in the Far East.

Bad Ass Badato continues to collect scalps.
Fil-Aussie star-in-the-making, ‘Bad Ass’ Badato, continues to collect scalps.

Kunlun Fight World Tour also features renowned round girl, Ms Red de la Cruz. The foxy Red has been featured as one of FHM Philippines’ 100 sexiest women for 2013.

Popular round girl, Ms Red de la Cruz. (From reddelacruz.com)

To further develop interest in the sport, Tony intends to create more Muay Thai promotions and mixed martial arts gyms in cities and towns around the Philippines. This will surely be a sport to reckon with in the near future.  It has now reached the mainstream in China, and with exciting matches and aggressive marketing, it is very likely to see the sport grow here in the Philippines. Soon, the wealth of talent in the countryside, particularly in such areas as Baguio, Cebu and Mindanao, will be on display. Watch the show this April 27, and be there where it all begins. 

Tony Reyes dreams of growing the sport here in the East Asian region.

Sponsored by World Team USA, Muay Thai Philippines, Kunsun Media, GMA TV, and GPNTV, Kunlun Fight World Tour promises plenty of action, drama, blood and guts and more. See you there!

Be there!
WBC Muay Thai/Team USA International Event – SOLAIRE CASINO HOTEL, Main Ballroom. APRIL 27th SUNDAY…. Be there!

For more on their previous event, pls read: A Fight for Peace in Manila – Oct 30, 2014

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