The disputed islands in the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea


  1. Hi Charley,
    I really enjoy reading your blog and especially the recent articles concerning China and its extremely aggressive imperialist behaviour which begs the question, who or what is going to stop them?
    They don’t appear too concerned about international opinion and there is no indication that any nation is prepared to use force to defend areas which are so obviously theirs. Like Putin, the Chinese have spotted a window of opportunity available to them by the apparent weakness and inconsistency of their neighbours!


    1. Surely there are many ways to address the problem, as there are many ways to skin a cat. We will not exhaust all avenues, Tim, but if push comes to shove, our people will be prepared to make it difficult and costly for them. I have always maintained that our fight is not with the Chinese people, but its ill-advised leadership. Most Chinese, from the diplomats to the academe to the teachers to the lowly fisherfolks, know that their claim to sovereignty over the islands is at best full of doubts. Their claim is only backed up by a strong armed force. In a way, this is good for us, because it is galvanizing not just our people, but the global community as well.


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