A Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight This May?

September 2013. More than a year ago, I made a bold prediction on the possibility of a blockbuster Mayweather – Pacquiao fight. I ventured that if the fight was going to happen, it would have to be on the 2nd to the last of Money May’s 6-fight contract with Showtime. Two fights and more than a year after, we are looking at this fateful fifth fight for Floyd, and he is finally saying that he is ready to get it on. Wow!!! Stop the press, guys!!! This has got to be the best Christmas gift the boxing world can ever have, the best Christmas gift  boxing can offer the public. This is it, folks, the fight of the century!!!

Boxing’s most sought-after dancing duo. Will they finally take center stage? (Courtesy of gamesportsjournal.com)

It looks like Money May has demonstrated his astute business acumen by milking the fight to the very hilt. First, he takes evasive action by feigning a disinterest to fight Manny. Like an elusive woman being courted, he lets Manny react to his whims and caprices. Next, he gets two more wins against the Argentinian brawler, Marcos Maidana, upping his unblemished record and making him the clear senior partner in this dance duo. Along the way, he slyly feeds morsels of hope to a salivating public by alternately agitating, taunting, and then denying discussions about a possible dream fight.

The Fight of the Century (courtesy of latinpost.com)

Manny, on the other hand, dutifully keeps his part of a storyline that – despite its twists and turns – has been slowly climaxing. This blockbuster fight had almost become irrelevant when Manny was mercilessly KTFO’d by his arch-rival, Juan Manuel Marquez.

But Manny comes back strong, putting up three virtuoso performances – thrashing the brash brawler, Brandon Rios; avenging his questionable loss to the undefeated Timothy Bradley; and scoring six exciting knockdowns to put the exclamation point in his latest tiff against another upcoming, undefeated kid, Chris Algieri!  Suddenly, Manny looms as the only legitimate challenger to Floyd’s immaculate record. And talks of a possible match-up are back in the air.

THE best Christmas present for the boxing world! (Courtesy of latimes.com)

And with no less than the likes of boxing legends Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Oscar de la Hoya, and even Juan Manuel Marquez  all calling for Floyd to step inside the ring with Manny, it looks like the time has finally come.  Will we finally be watching the superfight on May 2 next year?

Color My World


Tomorrow, the world stops to sit and watch the flamboyant Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather do battle with Mexico’s Saul ‘El Canelo’ Alvarez in what is undoubtedly boxing’s biggest fight ever. This boxing epic between two unbeaten, extremely popular stars is set to break gate records and pay-per-view records, and will set the standard for Business in Boxing 101 for the next few years.

The bout is billed as a match between age and youth, experience versus power, mental toughness against raw intensity. Money May, arrogant, obnoxious, uncouth. Against the ‘Cinnamon’, friendly, respectful, silent. Money May, with a 44-0 win-loss record, fast, street-smart, a maestro on defense. Canelo, 42-0, bigger, stronger, a steamroller on offense.

Who wins this monumental battle of boxing’s best? Some say that youth will overpower age in this bout. Some say it’s time to bring in the new, out with the old. But I daresay that Money May…

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