The Road Ahead to 2015

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

As we leave the old rickety road of 2014,

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and make a turn for the freshly-minted avenue that is 2015,

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I wish you all a safe and favorable voyage ahead.

The old road 2014 has been an interesting tale of twists and turns, of unexpected speed-bumps and potholes, of nerve-wracking cliffs and stunning ups and downs. Our journey has been a well-trodden trekking ground filled with awe-inspiring challenges, bringing forth a mix of frustration and fulfillment.

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But continue to travel we must, for quitting is not an option. Rest if you may, take refuge in the shade; but get back on the road as soon as you can, and continue to take the trek.

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Life has never been known to wait for anyone. Life has shown its bias for those who take on that difficult path ahead.

We will never know for sure what the road 2015 will bring us. But for as long as we do our best to prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the grind up ahead, we will reach the end of the road faster, with better chances for success, and with heads held high.

From my family to yours, let’s welcome the road to 2015.



    1. Happy New Year, Tim!!! And thanks for the encouraging words. Hope to see you in Pamilacan one of these days. just came from Balicasag for the holidays. The kids dove while I took an easy snorkeling. Just perfect, Tim! You should come over!


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