Introducing the iFC!!!

Don’t look now but we’ve got a new kid on the block eager to show his brand of exciting new combat sport action in the country. This March 28 at the Solaire Resort and Casino, the i Fighting Championships (iFC) will present a unique package, featuring four different combat disciplines: wushu/sanda, muay thai, juego todo and mixed martial arts. The iFC event is the inaugural offering of the Battle Series, introducing foreign and local players angling to hit the big time. To top it all, the iFC team has declared that the proceeds of the show will all go to the bereaved families and dependents of the Fallen SAF 44, as a demonstration of sympathy and support.


The iFC is a merger of two energetic young companies: the World Team USA Gym, owned and operated by Tony Reyes; and the Goat Locker Gym, owned and operated by Ferdie Munsayac.

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 5.31.31 AM

World Team USA has produced numerous dazzling international MMA shows in Manila, the latest of which was the Kunlun World Tour Fight 4 at the Solaire Resort. The Kunlun World Tour is a popular series in China and Thailand, where the fights were beamed to millions of delighted TV fans. Tony Reyes owns the largest MMA/muay thai studio in San Francisco, California; and is at the same time the Vice President of the World Boxing Council (WBC) Muay Thai.


Goat Locker, on the other hand, provides a different perspective; having busied itself by authoring 10 MMA events in the provinces since 2013 under the Underground Battle Series. Goat Locker’s advocacy is to provide opportunities for promising MMA practitioners, by giving them proper training, support and guidance. Hence, the Underground Battle (UGB) is an amateur competition geared towards discovering potential fighters in the provinces. These activities have gained much popularity, and this has resulted in MMA’s significant grassroots growth. Ferdie Munsayac is a former US Navy Chief, hence his strong attachment to the young poverty-stricken fighters.


A special attraction in the iFC package is the introduction of the Round Girl Search. The iFC Battle Series will be more colorful with the bevy of ladies aspiring to be iFC Round Girls. The Round Girl Search is a promotional coup courtesy of Fernando Laguda, a veteran promotions operator in the US who has decided to offer his talents to the local fight scene.


By providing 4 combat disciplines in one production, iFC promises to provide excitement and new flavor in the fight world. By introducing fresh faces in the fight scene, iFC provides vast opportunities and experience to our local fighters. By donating the proceeds to the SAF 44 families, iFC projects a social initiative that is worthy of emulating.

Let’s support this initiative. It is for a truly worthy cause.


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