Lexmark Flexes Muscles in ‘Enter the Dragons’

The Freeman, 12 August 2015

Team Lexmark, the new kids on the block, provided the pleasant surprise when it pushed the heavily-favored Bohol Paddlers to the limit at the recently concluded ‘Enter the Dragons’ dragonboat exhibition races last Saturday, August 8, at the Cebu Yacht Club in Lapulapu City.

Dragonboat action at the Cebu Yacht Club courtesy of Pons Alvarez)

The LXK Site Security Dragons, inspired by the presence of one of the company Directors, Mr Hamid Mati, showed no mercy in roaring ahead of the other more seasoned teams, capping second place honors in both the 200m short boat open and the 300m standard boat open categories. With the twin silver podium finishes, Lexmark was 2nd to the veteran paddlers of the Bohol Paddlers Association (BPA), which swept both races in a flawless display of speed and synchronization.

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Next stop: Danao. Coming this Sept 12. Be there. (courtesy of Ben Shang)

Coached by Marlon Mesina, the Security Dragons underwent a 3-day crash course in dragon-boating, before taking on the challenge in the waters of the Cebu Strait. The surprising speed in which they absorbed the lessons underscores the fact that the team has vast potentials for national – and eventually – international recognition. With constant practice, plus more race experience, Team Lexmark has definitely no place to go but up.

LXK Site Security Dragons making waves in a new frontier. courtesy of Pons Alvarez)

The results of the races were as follows. For the 200m short boat open: 1st – BPA B 1:06.50; 2nd – Lemark B 1:14.08; 3rd – BPA A; 4th – Habagat A. For the 300m standard boat open: 1st – BPA 1:24.80; 2nd – Lexmark 1:38.48; 3rd – Habagat; 4th – Bogo.

The dragons rest. (courtesy of Dang De Larrazabal)

‘Enter the Dragons’ was made possible by the Cebu Provincial Sports Commission, International Pharmaceuticals Inc., Dragon Boat Cebu Central, Cebu Yacht Club, Bucket Shrimps, Habagat Outdoor Equipment, Bogo City Green Paddlers, Pacific Pensionne, and the Philippine Navy. Adding spice to the race was renowned radio DJ, Jiggy Serna, who wowed the crowd with his race announcer gig.

This September 12, the dragonboats will be found in the waters of Danao in time for the town fiesta celebrations. Another 3-day clinic will be conducted there before the exhibition races.  To join, interested individuals or groups may contact dragonboat.cebu@gmail.com, and look us up on Facebook: Dragon Boat Cebu Central.

Photos courtesy of Pons Alvarez, Dang De Larrazabal, Ben Shang.

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