Philippine Basketball in Review (Part 3 – The MICAA Days)

The MICAA’s popularity reached its peak in the 60’s to the early 70’s, even as Philippines’ dominance in Asian basketball was starting to wane.

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Meanwhile, basketball’s popularity was growing by leaps and bounds in the local scene.  The Philippine domination of the sport in Asia, coupled with the storied rivalries in the Manila Industrial and Commercial Athletic Association (MICAA) were drawing fans from all over the country.

The MICAA basketball league was first organized in 1938 for company employees to compete against each other. This eventually evolved into a semi-professional league where the country’s best players showcased their talents. Prominent among the teams from the 50s to the 60s were: the Manila Ports Terminal (winner of the inaugural season in 1939, won a string of championships in 1948-50), Prisco (the dominant team and champion in 1953-54), Seven Up (first team to win a crown on their first season, 1955), Yco, Ysmael, PAL, Yutivo and Puyat Steel.

From the late-50s to the mid-60s, it was the much-ballyhooed Yco Painters -Ysmael Steel Admirals duel that was…

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