Combat! – Part 1

This is for my snappy upperclass and mentor, Sir Dan Jimenez! I just had to research this because you said you used to watch this as a young kid. I did too. We didn’t have a TV set then, so we’d watch it from our landlord’s set. Then, just like you, Sir Dan, we’d divide into 2 big teams in the weekend and make like Vic Morrow and his band. I can still hum the show’s soundtrack too!

Special thanks to my friend, Koji, for the great work he’s done in keeping these memories alive. You’re the man, Koji!!! Guys, you should read up on Koji’s war stories at: Masako and Spam Musubi. They are a gold mine!

Special thanks too to another friend I found through the world of blogging, GP Cox, who helped me find this piece. If you’re into war stories, read his blog: Pacific Paratrooper. You will surely love it!!!

Go, enjoy, guys!!!

Masako and Spam Musubi


Back in the very early 1960’s, my dad picked up a used B&W TV set from an appliance store’s outdoor parking lot sale at Atlantic Square in Monterey Park, CA.  It was loaded into the cavernous trunk of his 1955 Ford Victoria coupe, also bought (really) used.  He probably should have spent the money on repairing the car instead of buying that TV.  Anyways, the TV was our first one, dust covered vacuum tubes and all.  At least it turned on.

Well, mom commandeered it.  Don’t ask me why.  After all, she didn’t speak much English at all having come here just a few years earlier.

While I was able to watch The Mouseketeers, Sheriff John and Engineer Bill in the morning, the night belonged to mom.  She decided what to watch.  I don’t recall dad ever saying anything either, but then, he never did.  (ps Sheriff John read off…

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