An Open Letter to Bob Bachmann

Reblogging this piece on Bob Bachmann, whose claim as POC Membership Committee Chairman is being questioned since there is no POC President who is the sole appointing authority for such. For that matter, all appointments made by the POC Board are in question, since the Board is not the appointing authority for such.
This article will highlight the fact that there is no truth to Bachmann’s allegations that he has resolved the disputes in many sports associations. He does not know how to dispose of cases, having no proper procedures in his commission. He did not allow for any healthy discourse or rebuttal of each side’s evidences. He did not publish any formal report for all parties concerned. He failed miserably as former Membership Chairman. Unfortunately, the over-assuming Board – without an appointing authority – wants him back as Membership Committee Chair. Again, what a shame.

Color My World

Bob Bachmann is the current President of the Philippine Squash Academy, and at the same time, the Membership Committee Chairman of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) before he was replaced just recently. In a letter to Bill Velasco after the celebrated POC General Assembly meeting that forced a massive revamp, he articulated his views on a number of issues. (Please read: Waiting for POC’s World to Change.) I will not discuss his basic beef with the current POC leadership as that is a matter for them to resolve. However, I wish to address his remarks on the topic of the Membership Committee, as this has been at the very core of  the problem that has led to major divisions in Philippine Sports. So here it is:

Dear Mr Bachmann:

You have really succeeded in confusing us. First, you wash your hands by claiming it was not within your mandate…

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