The Dragons Bring Dignity and Hope for our PWDs

Congratulations to our new World Champions, the PADS Para-Dragon Team, which recently proved themselves, winning 4 golds in the14th International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) World Nations Championships in Pattaya, Thailand. May your success inspire our other differently-abled brothers and sisters to go beyond their disabilities. It is not the end of their lives. It is just a small hiccup, which can be overcome. God bless us all.

Color My World

Daisy Omega is a beautiful, bubbly young lady with a strong personality. In a different environment, she would most probably be the life of the party. Life however decided to deal her a difficult card, as she was born with a congenital deformity. Hence, she has had to find creative ways to deal with her situation.

pads1 The bubbly and beautiful Daisy

Dexter Crisostomo is a strong-willed young man whose inborn arthritis had left his lower limbs unused since the time he was born. Given this unfortunate disadvantage, he has had difficulty dealing with the outside world. Dexter remained a recluse, shying away from people, and had been staying home most of the time.

pads22 Dex, looking to stay fit

Brylle Sangel Arombo was a handsome, promising 19-year old kid with a bright future ahead. All his plans were shattered when he was hit head-on by a wayward Montero last year. Luckily…

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