Golden State’s Small-Ball in Business 

Before the introduction of ‘positionless ball’, Golden State popularized the concept of ‘small-ball basketball’. Here’s an article published 2 years ago on how the principles of ‘small-ball basketball’ can help you succeed in business.

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Golden State’s game-changing small-ball philosophy has had a profound effect on how the game of basketball is being played the world over, capturing the imagination of NBA fans and revolutionizing basketball in general.

Small-ball relies on players who can play multiple positions, who love to make the extra pass, who love to sprint the length of the court on both offense and defense, and whose agility, lateral quickness and ability to anticipate can provide double-coverage against the lurking giants of the opposing teams. Successful small-ball practitioners are quick to find the mismatch on fast-switching defensive alignments. These are highly-skilled decision-makers ready to pounce on the slightest advantage given by the opposing team.

war4clutchpoints Capturing the imagination of the fans. (courtesy of

But the lessons of the small-ball philosophy isn’t for the cage fan alone. It is a fascinating study actually, not just for cage gurus, but also for people who…

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