Buchi’s a Blast

My grandson, Buchi, just turned 1 year old last Mar 14. Learned to walk just in time for his first birthday. Been constantly on his feet since, studying everything he could get his hands on, and exploring every nook and cranny he could possibly get to.

Baby Buchi just loves the beaches of Bohol.

Yup, this guy’s a regular trouper. He can take away all your stress effortlessly with his big smile. He’s always ready to pop out that funny face. He’s such a comedian, and he doesn’t know it. This early, he’s learned to make facial contortions that portray a wide range of emotions. You just can’t help but delight in the naughty but luvable li’l imp.

The guy’s playful. So very cheerful. Fearless too. One time, the dad and mom brought him to the beach for a swim. Left him floating all by his lonesome. You couldn’t hear a whimper from him. He was just chillin’ in his sunshades. He was confident his parentals would be by his side the moment something happens.

One time, he spied this mysterious baby trying to mimic his every move. He tried everything – from cajoling him, to scaring him, to finally befriending him – but the baby in front of him just kept on following his every move. He finally decided that he just had to live with that good-looking guy in front of him.

Buchi meets a mysterious mimic.

Another time, the dad brought in a lizard. Babies would normally cry and try to move away from the eeky creature. But not Buchi. Unfazed, he stalked the lizard and then held him gingerly with his 2 fingers. Curious as curious gets.

Words really don’t do justice to this cutesy-patootsie, so let me just leave you guys with some pics and videos of our li’l Buchi. Enjoy!!! For a closer look, just click on the pics.

Buchi discovers the wonders of the straw.
Buchi Making Faces.


  1. He’s so guapo…Buchi ha?!!!
    I am sure you and Wit know Buchi (for now, and the ones who will come again) is the best thing that ever happened to you…it really is wonderful to be grandparents.

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  2. Awww!..Buchi buchi. We love you too…and you already know how to pose for photos!!..awesome!…his clads are on point…This cute little baby has just made me think of having another baby..;)

    Liked by 2 people

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