How’s Buchi?

I’ve had a lot of queries asking how my grandtot Buchi is doing? Many were wondering why, after raving about him a whole lot last year, I suddenly stopped talking about the luvable little tyke. I do love to shower him with love and affection. That desire will never go away.

Buchi humors us endlessly with his mischievous antics. And he loves to disarm us with that toothy smile. He has this uncanny ability to mesmerize his ‘parentals’, as well as the relatives, back in the province. He’s learned to come up with all sorts of facial contortions, hamming it up for the camera oh-so-easily. And were it not for this tragic pandemic, Buchi would probably be flying back and forth to Manila to keep us oldies on our toes all the time.

Right now, Buchi is safe in the province, where the big open spaces are a great assurance and comfort that he will get his share of sun and outdoor activities despite this unnerving quarantine. He loves to explore the garden, and is not afraid to get dirty. He loves to swim as well, unmindful of the risks. He dives head-on without hesitation into the deep water, fully confident that his minions will be there to watch over him. He still hasn’t developed a sense of fear or danger. He is such a trouper, this Buchi.

Last May, we had a wonderful opportunity to visit them. The last time I saw Buchi prior to that was in March of last year, right before Manila was subjected to a lockdown. Their visit to Manila was cut short as they had to take a dramatic last-plane-out retreat to the province before the lockdown closed all transport possibilities. He’s a bit taller and slimmer now, but those ‘high-beam’ eyes – as my classmate Au would describe him – are still there to regale us. He is such a stress-reliever, with that smile, the antics, and that oh-so-carefree shrill-of-a-laugh.

Enjoy some new pics of Buchi. The guy’s gonna charm you. For a closer, clearer look, just click on the pics. For more on Buchi, try: Buchi Learns to Rock, Buchi’s a Blast, Buchi’s a Blast (Part 2), Buchi: the Beach Boy, and Buchi Boy Visits Manila.


        1. You have made 1 grandpa here very very happy. 🤩😍😘 i have more blogs and photos of him earlier, if you have time to browse at them. He truly is such a darling. Thank you, Joni, for the kind appreciation. You inspire me.😋

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  1. He is a good-looking young boy! Cherish the moments with him they grow so fast. I agree living in the province in these times of pandemic is better in the province where he can enjoy being a kid.

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