Buchi Boy Visits Manila

My seven-month old grandson, Buchi, made a surprise visit to Manila last week. His first plane ride. His first time in Manila. A lot of firsts for this young trouper.

The adorable Baby Buchi.

And everyone who saw him just loved and adored this bundle of joy. He was always ready with his sweet innocent smile. His cheerful demeanor charmed everyone he encountered. Everyday, he regaled us and showed us something new.

In the morning, I just wonder what repertoire of new gimmicks he’d perform before us. Some even death-defying ones, like when he surprised his Dad and Mom by falling off the bed. Cried a bit, but dusted off the hurt in a jiffy. (I gotta develop a hard head too, momma.) But at the back of my mind, I also wish he wasn’t growing up so fast so I could enjoy that precious innocence even more. My mind’s already racing to the time he’s proudly showing me his college diploma!!! Such a dreadful thought.

Ever heard of the story of the gifted child? The story goes:

On only his 3rd month, the baby calls: “Mama”. Wow! At only 3 months, he utters his first word. Everyone is stunned. A gifted child!

Next month, the baby says: “Papa”. Truly a gifted child!

The following month, Baby’s able to ask: “Dede” when he needed to suck on his milk! Amazing!!! Such a gifted child indeed!

The next month, the baby’s able to call their young househelp: “Yaya”, when he needed something or just needed a little cuddling. OMG, such a cute, brainy, sharp gifted child!!

The next month, the baby goes: “Mama, Papa dede yaya!” That’s the last thing the Dad remembers before he woke up in the hospital bed.

Y’all be good now, hear?

Here are some more pics of our young ball of energy, Baby Bu. He’s even tried floating on his own off the waters in Maribojoc. And sunbathing too! Enjoy!!!


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