Buchi, the Beach Boy

My grandson, Buchi, has always loved the sea. Ever since he had his beach baptism last year, he took a liking for the sand and the sea and the shells and the sun and all. Since then, he has shown no hesitation, no fear whatsoever for the sheer vastness of the seawater that would creep up to his knees out there on the beach. Somehow, his instincts have guided him well, and he knows not to push his limits.

Buchi’s always excited to go to the water.

He probably got his love for the sea from the dad, Carlo. I remember Carlo taking his first scuba-dive in Balicasag at a very young age. And he did it without the benefit of any formal training. My wife and I were diving in Balicasag then, and we had left the children on the beach with the rest of the group. A Navy diver just asked him if he wanted to try scuba-diving. Then he gave Carlo a 5-minute instruction, and off they went to see the colorful corals off Balicasag. Imagine my big surprise when I saw Carlo sitting on an underwater ledge with a scuba gear on, waiting for us as we turned a corner! After that, Carlo was hooked. And that’s how he progressed to become a divemaster today.

Buchi looks like he will be raised with the same passion for the outdoors. Yup, I can see this guy sporting a dark tan, having a naughty streak and a healthy aversion for anything conventional. Shades of the dad. And of me, you think? I refuse to answer on the grounds I may incriminate myself! But I’m silently cheering as he gives his dad and mom occasional fits. (Haha! Good luck on the disciplining role, guys, that’s way beyond me now. As a super-lolo, I reserve the right to spoil my grandkid. At your expense. Of course.) 🤗

Buchi is not afraid of the water.

Here are more pics and videos of Buchi, the beach boy. My, he really is growing up so fast.

Buchi bonding with the mom.
Buchi shares his cake with the mom.


    1. He is! Truly a joy to watch. I eagerly await every evening when we have our regular talks with the kids, so i can see what new antics he has in store for us. What a joy to behold!😋🥰😍


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