Buchi is a Blast (Part 2)

My grandson, Buchi, is growing up so fast. And I’m missing him terribly, since he’s now in far-away Bohol where his parents – Carlo (my son) and Freedom – are based. With this quarantine unlikely to be lifted soon, it looks like it’s going to be some time before I can see him once again. Good thing we now have these gadgets that allow us to talk and see them as often as we like. Hence, my wife and I strive to have a daily evening session with them, to talk about their routine during these difficult COVID times. Buchi’s antics are always the highlight of our talks, and his pics and videos provide us temporary relief from the boring standstill this pandemic has dealt on us.

So here are some videos of our favorite baby, Buchi:

Buchi’s Papay Carlo made him a baby poy set for him to play with. But no, the little guy won’t have none of that. He wants to graduate to the adult poy immediately.

Buchi wants to be a poy player like his dad, Carlo.

Instead of buying Buchi a high chair for his mealtimes, Dad Carlo decided to construct a podium-type stand that he could use for a variety of purposes. And so, Buchi’s Learning Tower was conceived. And it has truly been a convenient gizmo for the kid. Buchi uses it to eat. Uses it to study. Uses it to practice his oratorical skills. Uses it to watch the big guys and ensure they know how to cook properly. Uses it to lecture them big guys on how to run the show. So many uses indeed!

Constructing Buchi’s Learning Tower

In this clip, Tita Bianca tries the Kalamansi Challenge on her 1-year old nephew. Needless to say, brave li’l Buchi was up for the challenge. Watch him take the kalamansi into his mouth. And later, he reverses roles, asking Tita Bianca to take a kalamansi herself. Watch the 2 try to outdo each other.

Tita Bianca’s Kalamansi Challenge

Buchi is just hilarious. How can you not fall in love with this baby? Here are more pictures of the luvable Buchi. For a closer, better look, just click on the pics.

Buchi says: Stay safe, everyone!


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