The Legend of Davao’s Pearl Farm Resort

By popular demand, here’s something for the World War II history buffs out there. A fascinating tale of hidden treasures, subterfuge and more.

Color My World

My wife and I had a recent Anniversary respite at the plush Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Island fronting Davao City. The Pearl Farm Resort is by far the most popular among Davao’s growing number of  classy resort hotels.

The resort got its name from an abandoned pearl farm which used to operate in the very area where the resort is located now. The farm used to provide livelihood and plenty of activity in that remote area of Samal Island. There is however an interesting tale that lingers, nurtured in whispers by the old folks who grew with the mysterious pearl farm. This is the story behind the pearl farm.

Japan invaded the Philippines right after the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. This was immediately followed by successful forays in what is now Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar to as far west as the outskirts…

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