Grateful for the Blessings of 2022; Looking Forward to a Bountiful 2023

2022 came and was gone in a flash. What a fast year this was! For me at least. One day, it’s Monday, the start of the week; and suddenly I’m facing a Friday. Funny how time drags when there’s nothing much on your plate, and how time flies when you’ve got much to do.

It’s been a challenging, yet at the same time, productive year for me. And I’d like to thank God for all the wonderful experiences – of family, of friends, of work, of opportunities to be of service. In the twilight of my years, I have learned not to feel bad for things I have none of, but to feel good for things I have been blessed with. Here are some of God’s gift of bountiful graces for the year 2022:

a. Eldest daughter, Bianca, together with son Carlo and wife Freedom have slowly rehabilitated Balay ni Charing (BNC) in Tagbilaran after it was devastated by Typhoon Odette late last year. A total of 46 trees were felled by the havoc that was Odette. BNC was without electricity for 4 months, and the kids endured the difficulties and learned to make do with what was available to them during those trying times. Today, we are rediscovering new plants from the fallen foliage, and from the felled trees, we have mushrooms abounding. Hurray, our cherished urban tree canopy is regrowing itself! And I thank God for Bianca and Freelochi (that’s Freedom, Carlo and Buchi, our fave grandkid) for the work they have done for BNC. (For more on Balay ni Charing, pls click on: Balay ni Charing)

b. Daughter Aly recently transferred from Korea to Japan. She has a new job with the UN now. Still with environmental concerns, but certainly a step up the ladder. Her noble work with the environment is an inspiration to us all. And we try to emulate her in what little gains we have in our own small battles in BNC and at the Gran Verde Farm (GVF) in Davao. We thank God for Aly, for the quiet heroism and example she provides in combatting climate change for the future generations.

c. Youngest son Josh has been manning the fort in our humble home in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig. He has made it his personal mission to keep me honest with my diet (tho I am guilty of cheating at times). On the side, he has been taking charge of business in Manila for Wit’s Sweets and Savouries (WSS), Wit’s cacao-based concoctions. We are thankful for Josh and his sacrifices to keep the Manila office alive. (For more on Wit’s Sweets and Savouries, pls click on: Wit’s Sweets)

d. Wit has been busying herself taking care of GVF in Calinan, Davao, the supply side for Wit’s Sweets’ healthy products. At the same time, she continues to keep WSS afloat amidst the constraints caused by the pandemic. We have had to cut down our manpower complement in GVF due to the production slowdown, but have found – and are thankful for – the loyal workers patiently toiling in the farm. (For more on GVF and WSS, pls click on: Gran Verde Farm, and Wit’s Sweets and Savouries)

e. And then there’s Buchi. Buchi has been the apple of our eyes. He never fails to amaze us with his antiques, his new tricks, his luvable ways (although sometimes he can be as stubborn as me too). Thank you, Lord, for this great stress-reliever. And I am certainly looking for more stress relievers in the years to come. (For more on Buchi, pls click on and read up: How’s Buchi?)

e. I have been kept busy with the goings-on with Aegus Management Inc (AMI), our integrated security solutions company. We have been blessed with a growing number of clients. Lately however, we have been challenged by the increasing ARs due to the holiday season. Be that as it may, AMI has been a source of employment for thousands of individuals, affecting the lives of thousands of families as well. We are thankful for this great opportunity to be of service to our small community. (For more on AMI, just click on: Aegus Management Inc)

f. I am also thankful for the support and wisdom from relatives on my side and Wit’s. The Holganzas of Cebu and the Bustrilloses of Bohol may have been politically on opposite ends, but they have all demonstrated a sincere desire to work for what’s best for the country. The same can be said for the Garcias of Davao, who have time and again come to the rescue of folks during their times of need. Thank you so much for the love and care.

g. And I am grateful for having classmates in PMA 78 and PSHS 72 who have created – for me – another family I can count on. After all these years, there remains a strong, unbroken bond of brotherhood that chooses to be there not just in good times, but moreso in bad times. And I am touched by the sincerity in each one of them, for they epitomize the true meaning of selflessness and devotion for our fellowmen. May their tribes increase.

h. There is much to look forward to for having discovered my Business Network International (BNI) family. With BNI, I continue to learn how to do business better during these challenging times. And I truly appreciate the lifelong learning, the givers’ gain attitude, the assistance, the brotherhood my Brgy Xcel chapter has afforded me.

i. And then there’s the old and new friends I have redeveloped or acquired this year. From the Anos Research, to the new BNI partners across the globe, to the old Army connections – especially with my Scout Ranger and the Special Forces buddies – to my old acquaintances in the sports world, my Boholano Sano-mates with the Tapok Tapok Bol-anon, my Jayrabs gang and DWCT 72, and many more. I am blessed to have you all around to help me find my place in this world.

2022 has certainly been a year of changes and challenges. And as in life itself, the year was replete with lessons that have humbled me. Been there, done that; or so, I thought. But I have learned that no matter how old you are, there will always be new lessons for you to learn. To all my brothers, my friends, my acquaintances, my peace to you all. To those I may have wronged, my apologies, and here’s to a new start.

Happy new year, all!!! May God shower you with more blessings for the year 2023.

For a closer look, just click on the pics.


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