“You’re from Bohol and You’ve Never Been to Balicasag??? What the…”

A lot of friends have been asking me about Balicasag lately. Perhaps on account of my recent blog on Bohol and its beautiful sights. (Please read: Bedazzling Bohol.) Hence, I am reblogging this piece on that marine paradise in my home province of Bohol. You should all come and visit! You will definitely be charmed by the island of Balicasag.

Color My World

Third of a series: Suggestions for Summer 2015

My wife glares at me with contempt in her eyes, scoffing: “You should be ashamed of yourself!” Instinctively, I open my mouth to defend myself. But on second thought,  I opt to disengage in silence, knowing full well the consequence of risking a Word War 3. 

So I just give my flabbergasted wife my game-face sweet smile. And remain silent. Silence, at that moment, seems the best defensive option.

What’s with Balicasag anyway? What could be so fascinating there that could cause me such great disfavor and distress?

So the next time I go back to Bohol, I dutifully march off to Panglao Island like the good soldier that I am, to catch a boat-ride to that mysterious island called Balicasag. Heck, just to humor her, I tell myself, and collect some trophy points to give me some valuable lead time before…

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